The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Really Gonna Try!

I love the idea of a blog-capturing moments and writing down thoughts. Time just seems to rule my days....I am highly considering going back to a very scheduled week. I think it would help establish better routine for school and personal time. Even as I was typing this Leah needed to get down from her chair....the blessing of interruptions.
I was taken aback when David told me he enjoyed reading my blog-I had no idea! That alone was motivation for me to start writing again.
I can in no way possibly recap the past months of 2009. I am not like most though who want to wipe it away. I look forward to 2010, but there were so many GOOD and JOYFUL things from 2009, that I would never want to "forget" it.
I do not make New Years Resolutions, but I am going to try and devote more time to this blog. Try.


Is it 5AM already???

So, in an attempt to get healthy and fit I have been waking up all week at 5 AM to workout. I am very proud of myself for doing it; it has not been easy. My goal is 20 pounds by next summer. I would just love to be back to my pre-baby weight before we try for another. This seems like a HUGE goal, but I am determined. Now, my eating habits need an overhaul too, but I am waiting on that for when I am done nursing Leah. I just can't do it all at once.
So, here's to a better body-though it may be a tired one!


Rearranging, organizing, cleaning

I have been in major overhaul mode in our house lately. Probably why I have not been finding time to blog-FB is easy because I can do it so quickly as I pass by the computer.

Over the past couple months I have rearranged the toy room, school room, and most recently totally cleaned out and reorganized the kitchen cabinets. I just love things to be efficient and work the best it can for our day to day activities. I have also felt the internal pressure to have things working in order before we take on the big task of starting Kindergarten with Chiara. Since I have started this major cleaning I have noticed a big change in what "needs" to get done around the house on a daily is a lot less! My kitchen seems so clean, the toys all have a place, and the school room seems to be staying clean. Amazing.
Funny, everyone kept telling me to stop cleaning so much and I was never going to get ahead. I am glad I did not listen. I knew that I could wrap myself around all this chaos. Yes, it meant getting rid of some things and yes I did not play with the girls all day long (some days they would not notice because all they do is play with one another), but I am finally able to breathe a little.

The choice to home school is one I am happy to make, but I know I would not have been able to concentrate on teaching if I was in a house of chaos. Here's to a clean and organized house! Yippee!



I am amazed at all you wonderful Stay At Home Moms who have time to blog daily...even weekly! Gosh, I would love to. I am so convinced I would have to get up prior to 5 AM if I wanted to get everything done I want to in a day. It's not like I go to bed fact, I am going to be later now than I was months ago. Where does the day go?

Well, I guess consumed by girls and cleaning. Ok, teaching, nursing, organizing, and eating too!

I keep saying I am going to make a better effort....'time' will tell...


Good Morning!

When I tell people how early my girls wake up they shudder at the thought.....yes, 6 AM is early, but we are morning people in the D'Amato household. David wakes at 5 AM to start his day...thankfully he does not have someone greeting him each morning, but usually by 6 or 6:30 AM we are all up.
Living in Arizona we are very limited on outside activities this time of the year. It is hard for Mayah who is my outdoor kid.

Let me tell you though that anything prior to 9 AM is gorgeous outside. This morning we even had a bit of cloud cover.
With our bowl full of cut strawberries I took Leah outside
and soon after Mayah followed, then later Chiara. By 7 AM we were all enjoying the morning outside. Love it!


Still Praying....

The Lord has had me praying for a mentor for some time now. Someone who has 'been there, done that'. Someone who is head over heels for the Lord and her husband! I am still praying. I have felt led to a few Godly women this past year, but I have not felt the Spirit leading me into that mentor relationship.
I greatly desire it. I fully believe in seeking Godly wisdom....and the older my girls get, the longer I am married, the more I am seeing the need for a woman like this in my life.
So, I will keeping seeking the Lord. I will wait on Him. I know He has great things planned for me!!


My Thoughts for Father's Day

I enjoy Father's Day-though I truly hope that both my own father and my husband feel loved and appreciated each day of the year.
As I sat with David tonight-alone at a late dinner-I asked him about this past year of being a dad and what he has learned. It was a nice reflection on the changes that have taken place not only within our family, but within ourselves. David is a very present father, not many seem to be that way. I would not know any different. My father was always around, always involved, and always present. I married David because I had a dad that did more than just provide for his family. My Dad was about family. He was about teaching...even if it was with a red pen sometimes!
I can remember spending time at the dining room table with him working on math or editing a paper. Playing basketball outside. Watching hockey-even though I did not like it. (wink) For one of my birthdays we were at the store and he bought me a single red rose-that moment had more of an impact on my life than he ever knew. I remember him being angry with me for making bad decisions. Punishing me for lying. I can remember the hug he gave me before he and mom left Vermont my freshman year of college. I smile watching the video of him walking me down the aisle and our father-daughter dance together. I smile even more, and get a bit teary-eyed too, when I see my girls run to be with him.
My dad could teach many dad's some lessons out there....

So Dad, this year I did not get you a card, because hallmark just would not cut it. Happy Father's Day-I hope you know the impact you have had on my life.


A Parenting Shift

If I had just had my sweet Chiara, just one baby, than life would be very different....quieter I think. ;)
Mayah is my peanut and my pistol! She can drive you crazy and then turn around and have you rolling on the floor laughing. She takes work. Time. Patience.
I have decided to take a new approach with my "My-My". I am going to see her how The Lord would want me to....what is He trying to teach me? How is He trying to grow me? What lesson can I learn today by being Mayah's Mommy?
Why should there be pressure on a 2 year old to 'make me happy' or 'please me'? I have this overwhelming sense lately that God is trying to get through to me....through her! Sounds crazy, but He is.
David and I tring a new method with her. This week it is about 'attending' to her. We never realized how most of what we say to her is either a question or demand. Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever just sat with your kids and took in what they were correcting, no directions, no questioning???? Try it. It is not as easy as we thought.
What it also made me realize is she does not get enough one-on-one time with either of us. Chiara gets school time, Leah gets nursing and held often, but what does Mayah get? I hear ya Lord...loud and clear. It is something mothers are doing all across the world-balancing the needs of their children. Mayah's need is attention-just being with her. She does not really want me 'playing' with her persay, but she wants me right there. Watching her and verbally noticing her. It has made a difference already.
For those reading this who do not know my sweet number 2...she is STRONG WILLED....yes, in all caps! She requires something different from me than Chiara (leah is too hard to tell right now since she is still so young). Chiara is happy if we cuddle on the couch and read books together. She is happy if she and I sit at the table and do crafts or school work. Mayah's personality requires me to think WAY outside the box....
David and I are praying that as we progress in this new approach with Mayah we will continue to see a difference in her behavior, attitude, and actions throughout the day.
Parenting is not easy-and it is especially not easy with a strong willed child- but I would not ask for any other 'job'! I love each of my girls and look forward to God's lessons through this season.


Steam, Puree, Freeze

Ok, so making baby food is not 'hard' but it is certainly time consuming. I love that my babies have all had their food made by mom. Of course with Chiara I was brave enough to make pureed meat-I think I avoided with with Mayah and Leah gets Organic jarred.

I have been more willing to buy organic jarred food for Leah, but I still do fruits and carrots myself. It is so easy....just takes time that I seem to have less of each day than the day before.

So, I sit here feeding Leah bits of homemade pancakes and mashed banana's ( I mashed) and waiting for the day of cut up bits instead of pureed. Sorry Leah...don't mean to rush you.


I am Me

It seems to me that lately I have noticed that other people have a problem with the fact that I enjoy staying home...I don't mean being a stay at home mom, but that I am a homebody. I don't need to go here, there, and everywhere to feel content. Actually, I am sick of crowds, trying to manage three kids, and not lose my mind. I love my house....I love having a clean and orderly house. I do not need to go out and get away to feel like me. Sure, there are some weeks that I can't wait to go out to the grocery store alone or get my hair done. Most days though I would rather be with my husband or veggin' out. I like the phone and can chat it up on my own couch.

So, don't pressure people that like to be home. Don't make them feel like they have to be like you. God created us all different. I have 3 girls and of the older 2 one is a homebody like me and the other like her Dad....go, go go! We are all different...relax, I'm ok with being home.


Being a Parent Changes EVERYTHING!

No, I am not a hypocrite. I would like to think I have gotten wiser over the years and on top of that the Lord has shown me show much since I was an independent, "all knowing" teenager! Why is it that when you grow up and change the same people that wanted you to grow up and change now they think you are either a hypocrite or judging others???? What is that?
I think, PRAISE GOD I am not "Jen Day"...she made HUGE mistakes and thought mostly of herself. She was kind and loving, she cared about others and such, but she did not have the weight of 3 precious girls lives in her hands. She did not have to worry about explaining divorce or death to them. She did not have to struggle with how to tell her father in law that he and his girlfriend cannot sleep here if they visit this winter because we do not want our girls thinking that is ok. Oh...I hear you? There are those people shouting "HYPOCRITE!!!"
My parents taught me to learn from my mistakes.....the Lord has shown me to use His word to stand upon. I am not a hypocrite. I have learned the pain and struggles that come from the decisions I have made. I have been witness to my own marriage fighting for breath. I will not be the one who puts that on my children. It stops here.
So, will those voices still call out 'hypocrite'?? Yes. Will I hear them? No.


God's Gentle Reminder

I have been reminded that David and I are truly blessed that all three of our girls were born healthy. As I pray for our dear friends 3 week old baby boy who is fighting to stay alive I cannot help but lift my hands in total thanks to God for the miracles that lay asleep in their beds right now.

Thank you Lord for reminding me of this....I needed this gentle reminder as I am in the midst of a rough season with my girls. A growing season.

Tomorrow is a new day.


Oh How Things Have Changed

As I sit typing on this bed with my two 'big' girls sleeping across the way and my 5 month old struggling to find dreamland I think about the first Easter I spent here in NY. Just a young teenage girl in love with a boy. It was the first time I ate lamb....yum!

More than that though was I did not know the true joy of this Easter season. Back then I would not have jumped up and down at the thought of my Lord and Savior dying for ALL sins and rising again. Just typing that makes me want to shout however, Miss Leah has finally settled down and waking my baby is a no no.

With an open heart and a desire-God has truly transformed me. Some days he has to really kneed the dough, hitting it hard even to be able to mold it correctly. Other times all He does is caress it gently in His hands to manipulate it. I thank Him that I am not that young girl I was back at my first easter in NY. I give Him all the glory for loving me enough to give me grace and forgiveness from that cross.

There are many people in my life that celebrate Easter as I did...not truly knowing the JOY that comes from Christ's death and resurrection. Not knowing that He is the Healer. He is the Father. He is your joy. He is your source. He is your counselor.

I love when I ask my precious four year old, why do we celebrate easter and she says because JESUS IS ALIVE! Talk about joy.....

Happy Easter. He lives! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The tomb was empty....


Getting Ready

Well, less than a month later (after our disney Land trip) I am getting us ready for another trip. We are heading to NY for Easter, with a side trip to NH/MA. Of course I am going to be happy to see my brother, sister (in law), nephews, etc-but I truly hate the getting ready part. Seriously, it is a TON of work getting things ready for 5 people-especially when 3 of them are kids. :)
I have started my packing lists and today will go out and get my tissue paper for packing....oh yes, a little trick I have up my sleeve! Lots of laundry to do before we go and of course the dreaded plane ride...what will I pack for the girls?! Part of my frustration is I have to pack for cooler and changing weather.....gosh, I really do love AZ!
Well, I better get off of here because we leave on Thursday....


Managing the Middle

I am a middle child and I have never felt "short-changed" by my parents, but it has made me aware of what a middle child's needs are. They have never had you all to them selves and they know it-Mayah knows it. Lately she has been seeking time with us-alone.
I was blessed today by a friend that had Chiara over for a play date-alone. Chiara is 4 and this has been so good for her. She needs her space not only from Mayah, but from me. I am mom, but I am also teacher. We both need to miss one another every so often. Anyway, these play dates Chiara goes on by herself are a double blessing. I am able to give so much more attention to Mayah. Today Leah was asleep for most of the time Chiara was gone. At first Mayah just played with the castle and princess stuff. I enjoyed just listening to her play. She has great dialogue and imagination. She has learned a lot from playing with Chiara-it was nice to hear Mayah's version of it. I can remember how much Chiara liked playing by herself when it was just her (or Mayah was an infant). Mayah does not get a lot of that kind of time and it was a gift for me to hear that today.
After I did my cleaning I invited her in to the kitchen to make cookies. She was so excited! She did not have to share putting in the ingredients. She did not have to make room for anyone on the step stool. She did not have to worry about someone else sneaking bites! We both wore aprons-she has not liked this before, but today was different. After the first batch as in the oven she went back to her princess play. I let the cookies cool a bit, poured some milk for us both and we shared warm cookies and milk. It was very special. We talked....well, she talked and I listened. I enjoy that so much more than me talking and her listening. Of course the entire conversation is about Disney still and I have heard it before, but I did not care. Everything she said was important and I wanted her to know that. I believe she did. Nothing cuter than a kid full of joy talking through a mouth full of cookies just to tell you about Mickey's house again.
I am not sure if she will always be a "middle", but for now she is and I enjoy making her feel as special as the other two.


Just some thoughts....

Well, I have not been on for some time....I wonder why??!! Maybe it is because I have 3 kids and by the end of the day I am DONE...d.o.n.e. I do love being a mom-even the bad stuff I can manage....I did not say well, but I do manage. Yes, I can admit (quietly) that I take on too much. In my head I can do all these things and accomplish so much-when the day is done and I ahve gotten barely half done I am bummed. Tonight when talking with my wonderful husband I finally realized I am constantly setting myself up to fail. I don't do all that I do for anybody-I am NOT out to impress. I could care less what others think-if I am up to par or not. At the end of the day I need to be able to rest at night(not sleep, rest). With that being is to a new season of taking on less.
Tonight before bed Chiara looked at me and told me I was the best mom....I'll take it. A good day is measured by the amount of joy we have when we go to bed...Chiara made sure to fill my tank! Good kid!
I have yet to get a post about Disney Land.....I may not get to it. Sorry. I am planning school and getting ready for our trip out east. So much planning....
Enough from me for now.....


Mom, Take Our Picture Please......

Chiara and Leah are head over heals for one another. As I write this (at 6 AM) Chiara is sitting on the floor with her baby sister, holding her hand, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The picture above is from yesterday....Chiara asked if I would take their picture....again. She just loves being around Leah, talking to her, making her laugh and smile. She wants to feed her, but we are waiting a bit on that as Leah is still so knew at it. I love seeing Leah's face light up when Chiara comes around. Chiara tells me that Leah loves her....she also interprets her yells and babble! So cute!

Chiara was so young when Mayah was born she did not get to experience all this.....I am so glad we had another baby. Even with the day to day craziness, the lack of sleep, and the absence of alone is great! We are blessed beyond measure.


Leah's Four Month Appointment

Has it really been 4 months…..oh my!

Here are the stats from today:
Weight- 15 lbs 6.5 oz, 96th percentile
Length- 25 1/4 inches, 97th percentile
Head Circumference- 16 3/4 inches, 94th percentile

To give you some perspective Chiara weighed 14 1/2 pounds and Mayah was actually the same weight as Leah at TWO months (she is so my peanut!) Mayah did not weigh as much as Leah now until she was about 7/8 months old!
Leah and Chiara were the same length at 4 months-Mayah was 2 inches shorter! LOL! Love it!!!! God has really created them all perfectly!

Dr Madrid was pleased that Leah is eating organic rice cereal and loves it! You should see her open her mouth for it. I still chuckle every time I give it to her….I have to remind myself that she is only 4 months old. She is not rolling yet, but it is hard with that big head! HA! He always says how beautiful my girls are…I think so too!

He also took the time to talk to Chiara and Mayah…what an earful he gets. The PA in training got quite a show today. Chiara filled him in on everything and Mayah talked softly…WHAT?! Yes, Mayah talked softly…..can Dr. Madrid come live with me???!!! :) We are blessed with a pediatrician who takes the time with my children and gets to know them….reminds me a lot of my pediatrician.

We will be back there in a few weeks for her immunizations (they were out???!!!) and Chiara's four year old appointment…..four…seriously…!



The New Season Has Begun

A new season of motorcycle racing has begun-it started today with World Superbike. I do not know all of the names of the drivers, but I do know at least the manufacturers of the bikes-go Suzuki! I never thought I would enjoy watching a motorcycle race-well, to be honest I really only like watching the beginning and end. The last two laps are exhilirating! Usually it is one to three guys fighting for the lead.
With all that said the most exciting part of the whole race was before it even started. Chiara could not wait to sit down with her Dad and watch racing. Listening to her ask a million questions and be so concerned when someone would lose control of the bike and off the track they went-was cool. It was genuine. She loves her Dad. She loves that he drives a motorcycle. (Don't worry Mom-I told her she can't get one until she is 30 like her Dad). She wanted to know if he went as fast during his track day.....he wishes!
Looking at the two of them on the couch made me stop. Stop to see another daughter who loves her Daddy (yeah, I do too). A daughter who thinks her Dad is cool and shows a genuine interest in what he likes (I never really liked watching the Bruins, but my Dad did so I did). It was beautiful-I took a picture. There may come a day when we will need to pull this picture out and all look at it....especially us parents.
It was nice to see Mayah join the group-FYI, be happy she at least had panties on! She will not sit on the motorcycle like Chiara, but she is the one glued to the front door waiting to watch him ride home on it. She likes to help him take off his boots and put away his things. Sweet.
As I sit here writing this I am stopping to thank God for making our family perfect. For knowing who was needed to make us complete. Each unique thing about our girls is just right....even the things we don't like sometimes-like Chiara not being quiet so David could listen to anything about the race! LOL! Her mother's daughter, huh?!
Not sure about Leah yet....but I can't wait to find out!!!


Oh Mayah....

What would I do without a degree in psychology-with a focus on children??? Oh how the Lord knew I would have Mayah some day. She is "normal"-for whatever that word is worth, but she requires so much. As I write this (at 8:30 PM) she is still awake-an hour after we put the girls to bed. I went up there because I was sick of the crying and had put Leah to bed....she wanted to talk. And talk she did. On and on and on! Oh my!Her language is really developing. Maybe she just wants to get it out.
Most days it takes everything I have to be her Mommy. She makes me realize that Chiara was way to easy! LOL!
I know very well that all this will be a distant memory some day. But for now I am worn out.....


Miss Leah....

Well, I would have loved for Leah to be the kid who stays in our room sleeping peacefully until she was 6 months old...not going to happen. She is the six of most 6 months old! LOL! Even with an over-sized bassinet it was not going to happen. Who knew our third would be bigger than our first. Geesh.
Well, David's mother has bought all three of the girls cribs. We were not able to get the same one, but we like this one. David picked it up Friday night and assembled it this past Saturday. She went down without a problem Saturday night....a new season has begun. Kind of sad for me. I hate when they leave the comfort of my room. However, I am all about sleep. :) Her first night was normal for her-up every three hours and by 3 AM she wanted to be with me. So, into the bed she came. I really don't care what other people think about this-I am tired and she is comforted with me. I like what I read about cubs and their bear mothers-the cubs feel safe and secure with the pack. Anyway, it is what it is.
You may or may not know that her swing is life line. Sunday was not a good day for her. She only slept for about an hour at her normal 3 hour nap time. Ugh. Rough day. Long Day. Thank God David was home.
Sunday night she would not settle. I got her to bed at 9 Pm and she slept 4 hours!!!!!! Not 3...FOUR! She went right back to sleep in her crib and slept another FOUR hours! YEAH! She went right back to sleep in her crib! Yes! She was up around 7 AM. Awesome! She only took a 45 minutes morning nap in the crib (I want my swing back!), but I put on the Baby Bjorn and finished teaching. Praise God I had already gotten our group time done.
She has had cereal again today....she opens her mouth for cool! She seems to really like it....all smiles. Nanny is happy...I think she counts the days from when they are born until they can have her pasta and meatballs. I put her down awake again and she took a bit but fell asleep. Who knows for how long, but I will take what I can.


More Pictures of David's Birthday

David's Birthday

It does not seem like it has been 3 years since I planned David's 30th birthday party, but it has. My gorgeous husband is now 33-better looking, wiser, more loving...he just gets better all the time!

The girls had so much fun making the cake, picking out cards, and of course singing 'Happy Birthday" to him. Love it! All I did was take them to pick out cards-Chiara chose "Cars" (Pixar) and Mayah thought he would love Thomas. Actually, in the end Mayah was mad that David had the card and wanted it back! David and I laughed. The card Chiara picked out had stickers-too cute!

All I did was provide the ingredients, pour the batter, and put the cakes in and out of the oven. The girls did the rest. Awesome! They loved it. Ok, so they ate more frosting than they put on the cake, but it was made by them for their Dad. When I told David that he LOVED it! SMILE!!!

I am totally in love with this organic chocolate cake mix we buy...yum! The frosting is organic and so are the dyes! Yeah! That makes for a happy Mayah.

David opened all the cards he got from the week-it was a nice time. We ended the night with family movie night watching Barbie and the Diamond Castle. The girls were happy. So were we.


Go Speed Racer, GO!

OK, I have come a long way! I really enjoyed watching David on the track.....actually, I thought it made him EVEN MORE attractive! Seriously. :)

I never would have thought that I would have daughters who would love watching motorcycles race around a track.....they loved it even more than I did! When the track was hot (motorcycles on it) it was quite loud and they were not bothered at all. Cool. They sat there in awe...especially watching David drive by. Mayah was yelling to him...hilarious!

My parents came too....very cool. My mom has always been pretty vocal (who, my mom?! LOL!) about her feelings towards motorcycles so her coming to support David meant the world to me. Yeah Mom!

David rode on the track (in 15 minute intervals-I think once every hour) from 8 Am until 4 PM! Needless to say he came home very sore, but with that gorgeous smile on his face.

I tried my best to take pictures, but taking pictures of a moving target with a simple camera is not easy. (Thanks to my Dad for trying too). I was able to get one... and a short video. I am sure he will be posting lots on his FB page.


Track Time

For David's birthday this year I paid for him to do a "track day" with his motorcycle. Had you told me 5 years ago that I would be doing this I would have told you that you were out of your ever-lovin' mind! (yes, that is something I would say)

Well, today is the day. Oh my! I am excited and suprisingly only a little bit nervous. In this house we subscribe to the philosophy that you cannot worry and pray at the same time. Philippians 4:6...look it up, believe it, live it.

I am hoping to get some pictures, but not sure what will be going on when I am there-especially with Leah. My parents are coming too. I am really happy about this because I know my mom is not a big fan of motorcycle riding and has not seen David drive. This will be good.

Just in case you are curious I have not been on the bike yet-still working up to that. I am turning 30 this year...maybe I can go around the block! LOL!


Happy Valentines Day!

Love, Love Love.....ahhh, the Beatles had it right!

This house is FULL of love!!! Last night David and I set up the table for today-something we do for Valentines Day and Easter usually. It was decorated with beautiful roses and lots of cards/gifts. I love how excited they get when they come downstairs in the AM.

To my surprise when I came down there was a Helzberg bag....our favorite jewelry store! What?! David bought me a beautiful silver link bracelet with an "I am Loved" it!!!! Love him!!!! I am loved...I am blessed!

I love that David picked out the music cards for the girls himself and decided to give his two big girls a red rose-they were quite in love with mine. We also picked out books for each of them-they cannot have food with dyes so it makes things diffucult. We love books anyway.

Nanny and Grampy sent their favorite character cards, cookies (dye free!), and matching shirts for all 3!! Grandma sent cute cards with stickers-Mayah's were stuck on everything within moments....ugh. Great Nana and Grampy Day sent cards with a the girls it is like receiving $100! Love it! Great Nana and Grampy Morin sent a set of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse learning books! Fun!!!

I made a new breakfast treat-sticky buns! Sticky and delicious...David had to stay away. :( Mayah and I loved them. Chiara tried them but she is still not feeling 100%. I know she is looking forward to Nanny's home made chicken soup. Thanks Nanny.

I am hoping I can post the web album of pictures on the link below

What a great way to start the day!!!!

Valentines Day Pictures


She's coming around....

Well, over the past 2 weeks Mayah has made some big changes. She is responding to time out and counting (1, 2, 3) as a warning. It is great! The closer we get to 2.5 the better things are getting. No dyes is really helping too. She just seems happier and not out of control. It has taken time, but I am glad we have made the decision to take dyes out of the girls diets.

In other changes....Mayah is wanting to be around Leah. I think she may even like her! LOL! Except for the past 2 weeks she has not shown any interest in Leah. It is nice. It is a relief. Not that I thought she would never come around, but waiting for it felt long. Maybe now I can keep socks on Leah.....


A Sweet Smelling Surprise

When I returned home from my chiropractor appointment I was greeted with a box full of red roses and calli lilies. Beautiful! Included was a gorgeous square vase. Love it!

My husband is the, better than the best. Things are crazy right now...busy. And he thought of me.

The girls wanted the flowers....he told them no. HA! They were upset. Of course they do not know that they are getting a red rose from their Dad Saturday....just one. They will cherish it.

I love my husband. I am blessed.

Valetines Day-Home School Style

Today I had a Valentines Celebration with the girls. Amie and Chiara made Valentines for family and a secret one for each other. They thought that was the best. They had no idea the other one was making one for her...LOL! Big secret...shhhhh!

Mayah of course did not care to participate in anything, but mostly ran around (with clothes on) and watched a movie.

I read a few "love" books while they worked and we ate strawberries with a whip cream heart! Yum! Thanks to Melissa!!!

It may be a silly holiday for some, but seeing the excitement in two 3 year olds (almost 4) brought a new joy to me.

I hate potty training...or re-potty training

So, I am trying to get Mayah re-potty trained. I hate it. I hated it the first time around. Pee is every where. She makes it to the bathroom sometimes, but mostly she is peeing and telling me while she does it.
I do not need advice, I do not need to know what others think I should do.....

She was potty trained and I knew this could happen after Leah was born, but I was praying it would not.

When she makes it on the potty we all celebrate.....we are not celebrating often enough for me.

So, for now-more laundry, more carpet cleanings, and more stress. is just going to take time....AGAIN.


You don't even have kids.....

Ok, so I am annoyed with those who feel the need to give their input/opinions to me (and others) about kids when they do not have them. No, I am not talking even about people who are with kids all day-day care providers or teachers....just people-ok let's be honest-women-who interject something when they have no idea.
Let's be real-you can have nieces, nephews, cousins, younger siblings and they are not your kids. They are not your kids. (I know I said that twice.) It is different....if you are saying it is not then you don't have your own kids (adopted counts here folks).
I know this blog has nothing to do with the happenings in our house, but I just needed a place to vent it.

Going to give this a try

I have always wanted to blog about my life/day...especially since these girls we have provide great reading material! I do not know if I can be faithful to this-or how long I can keep it up, but I am going to give it a shot!