The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Celebrating 10 Years

This week David and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. The day was quiet and normal-well, our new normal with a newborn. We exchanged gifts and David surprised me with a trip to Seattle in September!!!!!!!!!!! Just for him, Emma, and I. A big thanks to my mom for taking time off work to make the trip possible.

So, Friday night we went out with my parents and the girls to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Rustler's Rooste located at Pointe South Mountain. They have a steer outside, a slide to get to the dining room, great food, live music, and for us a night of surprises, laughter, and so much fun!

I am more in love with this man now than I was 10 years ago. He is a wonderful husband and an amazing Daddy. He loves me unconditionally and gives so much to this family. He supports me in all that I take on- a great cheerleader! He works so hard to provide for our family.
The girls checking out the huge steer outside the restaurant.
Emma joined the party near the end.
My mom convinced the girls that we had to feed one another the eclair cake like we fed one another at our wedding. We reluctantly did-the things you do to please your kids.
The eclair!!!!!!
Going down the slide to get to dinner!
Our view from the table-Camelback Mountain.
Mayah was so snuggly with Grampy!!
I love this one....10 years ago I danced with him at my wedding and here we are my Dad dancing with my daughter!
Listening to the live music
Enjoying a piece of fry bread
Fun hats!


Our Silly One

Each child has their own personality and in this house each girl seems to find their niche. Well, Leah has found hers in 'silly-ville"! She loves to get the laugh-especially from her two older sisters.

On this particular day she wore purple goggles for half of the day. Just being silly and she knows it. I love how her personality keeps developing and coming through more and more each day. There are a lot of things that are tough about a two year old, but so many things that outweigh those times.

He's not a Father, He's Daddy

This Father's Day David celebrated with FOUR daughters! Wow, four! I love capturing pictures with him and his girls.

They love and adore him and I know he feels the same!!!!!! Four Daddy's Girls.


Our Ballerina

Going into labor the day of Chiara's recital just added to the craziness that has been our lives for some time now. I really did not think I would not make it to Monday, June 6th.

We are so very proud of our little ballerina. She was amazing in her performance this year and I could really tell the growth from last year. I love that she can memorize the dance from the get-go! When she is on stage you can really tell that she loves what she is doing.

This year the only pictured we ordered was her group picture because I wanted to use my new camera to take her solo pics. I think they came out beautiful with our lovely new backyard as the backdrop.

Generations of Love

Miss Emma is quite blessed to have 2 generations above me living here in Arizona. The first week of her life she spent a lot of her sleeping time right here in Nanny's arms. Instant comfort. My mom is a "mom's mom" and is a natural in this role. I must say she did lots of this AND tons of playing with the girls, cleaning, helping with dinner, a zoo trip...and how I wish I could have pictures of the America's Got Talent/Dancing with the Stars show that went on in the loft!!!! The girls were all sad to see her go, but we know we have to share her with Grampy!

My Dad's parents now have SEVEN great grandchildren!!!! WOW! I think that is pretty awesome. All my girls love that they have them living out here. Me too. They came on Tuesday to meet Emma Lynne. Love at first sight!

Here they are with 4 out of the seven great grandchildren. I am excited that this August there will be 6 great grandchildren here for them!!!!

Nana and Emma

So sweet!!!

Home Sweet Home

I can say with great certainty that this was the best surgery I have had out of the 4. Amazing. When I could do laps of the labor and delivery floor I knew I was ready to go home. There is always that pull of wanting more focused time on your new little one and wanting to be back together as a family. I love my girls and I knew they were struggling without me home.

So, Sunday I made sure to tell the doctor on call that I was going to be ready to leave Monday. He got all the paperwork ready. A major plus was seeing my own OB before leaving since I knew he was on call Monday...the day we were supposed to come in and have our sweet Emma Lynne.

One great blessing on Monday was the nurse, Diane from Long Island originally, who took out my staples. David and I were talking with her while she was removing them and telling her that at the time she was getting us ready to go home we were supposed to be checking in...the paperwork was in my bag! She said, "The best part is that she was born on her birthday; on the day she was supposed to be born." Tears flowed. She was right. Emma Lynne came on her day. Beautiful.

Here is Daddy with his 3 helpers getting baby sister ready to come home.

Emma, all snug as a bug and ready to leave!

Finally all home!!!!

Daddy helping the girls give Emma a tour of the house.

The sign the girls made to welcome their sister home.

No tv needed, this is enough entertainment for them!

Meeting Emma Lynne

On Saturday morning (6/4) Nanny, my mom, brought the 3 big sisters to meet Emma. I was so excited for them. This would be a totally different experience for Mayah and we were uncertain about Leah. When Leah was born Mayah was only 2....she seemed more scared than anything.

Everything about this was wonderful!!! All three wanted to hold Emma! Chiara just has mothering instincts, Mayah enjoys saying shhhh to comfort sister, and Leah just loved being the newest big sister. It brought me so much joy watching them.

Chiara having cuddle time with Emma on Sunday.

Grampy meeting his granddaughter on Sunday.

This is one of my favorites! Her smile is SO big!

She is just a natural!

Emma catching a snooze from all the sister lovin'!

This is Mayah's first meeting....she is going "shhhhhh". She just has this desire to comfort her.

Here is Leah's first meeting. She is learning how to be with her by copying her sisters. She will "shhhh" her, let us know when she is crying (and do not try and tell her it is just "fusing" because she will be very upset), and I find her constantly checking on her. Love it.

This little girl is sooooo loved!

Finally, the oldest meets the youngest. Such happiness from Chiara.


Welcome Emma Lynne

As I start writing this, it just occurred to me that if things had gone as we “planned” I would just be getting home today. Wow. Chiara told me, “That is strange.” It is a strange thought. I am a firm believer that every child should have their own special story, so here is Emma Lynne’s.
Our repeat c-section was scheduled for Monday, June 6th. I have never gone into labor early and Chiara’s dance recital was being held June 3rd and 4th, and I did not want to miss being involved with that. I was “taking it easy” as much as possible the closer we got to her delivery date…as much as one can who already has 3 young children and we had just moved!
I awoke at 5:00AM on Friday the 3rd and thought it was strange that I was so awake. By 6:00AM I knew why. While David was on the phone for his morning meeting I had a really rough contraction-not my average Braxton hicks. I went to the bathroom and sure enough, mucus plug had come out (I had to call my dear friend Stephanie to verify). I just knew this was going to turn into something. I told David and the look on his face said that he knew too. We went about the day, sort of preparing and sort of ignoring. The contractions were rough at times so I asked David to come home early. My friend Stephanie suggested a bath. It took everything away…..for about an hour. We asked my parents to prepare to baby when they came to the recital that evening.
When I spoke to my OB on the phone (a major perk of your husband being friends with him) he said he expected to see us at the hospital that evening. I was so glad he was on call…God really ordains everything!
We made dinner, ate with my parents, and then the 7 of us piled into the Armada and headed to the recital just before 6:30PM. It was a rough hour…contractions every 7 minutes. I was so happy that I did not have one during Chiara’s performance. She did such a great job!! At intermission we left. By the time we got home around 8:30PM the contractions were at 4-5 minutes apart. Every time my Dad put up the count on his fingers my head just went further and further into disbelief. The planner in me was upset. I had to kiss the girls goodbye from downstairs (there was no way I was going up and down!). The tears flowed. First from Chiara, then from Mayah. Chiara did not want me to go and was concerned. I knew they were both very tired. It pained me to leave them. Mayah made herself so upset that she threw up….great, even harder to leave. Four minutes apart…..David said we had to go.
The 35 minute ride to the hospital was rough. I felt every bump and I am fairly certain I yelled at David for touching my hand. I was pleased to get a text from my mom that all 3 girls were asleep. I could relax a little about that now. We arrived at Chandler Regional around 10:00PM. They took us in right away and I was happy that David had text the doctor-they were ready for us. When they checked me I was 2 cm and 80% effaced. It was time to head in to surgery.

On the way in to the OR I spoke with my anesthesiologist about throwing up at the beginning of each surgery. He felt up to the challenge to see that did not happen. I was not convinced, but liked that he seemed to enjoy the challenge. I hate the feeling I have before surgery. It’s like an internal shaking. I sat there ‘indian style’ on the operating table, leaned over a pillow, warming blanket on, and holding on to my sweet nurse, Kim. I did a breathing exercise that we had done in the bible study I go to every Tuesday night where you breathe in and out the Name of the Lord, Yahweh. I was calm and relaxed. Such peace.

When David came in I felt even better. I looked at him though and said, “Isn’t this surreal?” He completely agreed, which was so very comforting. I held his hand almost the entire time until they took our little girl out. I never threw up; I felt so peaceful the entire time.

Emma Lynne was born at 11:39PM on Friday, June 3rd . Hearing those first cries just takes my breath away. She was 7 pounds 14.5 ounces and 20 inches. Her apgar scores were 9 and 9. Amazing. I knew she was awake before her birth (she was always up until 11:30PM) and soon I would know how long I could be up for! I had her in my arms just before 1 AM and she nursed immediately. I love that David tells them no “goop” on the eyes until she has been fed! He rocks! She nursed like a champ and then proceeded to stay at the breast until sometime later….much later that morning. I had been up for over 24 hours, but did not care. She was perfect.

In my next posting I will write more about the few days that followed and her sisters getting to meet her!