The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Celebrating His Resurrection

I love Easter....I love what it means and Who it is all about. The egg hunts are great, baking, cooking, and family togetherness, but knowing how much God loves us to send his son to die for us is the most amazing joy. This year the joy has increased....two of our girls have really come to know and love Jesus. Their young understanding amazes David and I. We feel no need to have to constantly remind them of it, like some have done/do to them, because we are watching what He is doing. It is a continuous open and ongoing conversation in our house. Beauty.
I cannot look at this picture without laughing. It really does look like baby girl in my belly is knocking Miss Leah over! Just about right for this house. I love that we have 3 girls and another girl on the way. It is exactly how it is supposed to be.
Here we are making Easter Empty Tomb cookies. What was really wonderful this year is that Chiara was able to read most of the scriptures herself! Awesome. I love hearing the Word of God, but hearing it read from our sweet girl adds such beauty and joy. The girls loved sealing the tomb and then waking in the morning to enjoy the empty tomb cookies.
For Easter baskets this year we put in one book, panties, comb sets, and link jewelry to make. Leah LOVED her Minnie Mouse panties!!! It was the highlight of the day! I am so happy to say that David took care of buying ALL the panties.....he did a great job! He also bought the girls Tangled. He had taken them twice to see it at the theater and was just as excited to sit and watch it again. So, after all the fun we all sat and watched! Great movie!
David and I decided to do 2 egg hunts. The girls do not even talk about an Easter Bunny and that works just fine for us. In no way does it take away from their excitement in finding eggs. We hid 41 this year. FUN! Leah really got into it and sisters helped her find some.
We dyed eggs this year with all natural dyes. Red was beets, blue was grape juice, and yellow was turmeric. They came out great and the girls were able to draw on them with Chiara's oil pastels before putting them in the coloring. We enjoyed them at breakfast this AM.
Once Nanny and Grampy and Great Nana and Great Grampy arrived we skyped with Aunt Jessica for a bit and then went out for a second egg hunt. I love that my parents and grandparents can enjoy this time with the girls and the girls love them being here. The girls really looked lovely in the dresses from Nanny and the entire day was filled with JOY!!!!!


Chiara Marie- 6 Year Well Check

Finally made it to Chiara's 6 year old well check. I spoke with her before we went that she would be answering questions since she was old enough. Of course my little chatty one was perfectly ok with this. So, I packed all 3 girls in the car and off we went. Taking 3 kids to one's appointment is always a challenge but we came prepared and they got the "talking to" in the car before we went in.

Our pediatrician always has Physician Assistants rotating through his office. This one, Beth, was sweet, but needed to be told that she should ask Chiara the questions instead of directing them to me. Our pediatrician is great at this, but the PA's never really are. So, she starts asking questions and the looks between Chiara and I start.

PA: Are you in school?

Chiara: (smirk on face) I'm homeschooled

PA: So, are you in Kindergarten?

Chiara: (smirking and now looking at me) No, I am in first grade.

PA: Oh. Can you read?

Chiara: Grabbing her book she brought in with her she shows the PA and I think told her it was a chapter book.

The PA proceeds to ask her some other random questions and then has her jumping on one foot and some other things that Chiara is more than happy to do for her.

Chiara passed her basic eye exam with FLYING colors! They never asked her to read the last line, but my guess is could have read it with few errors. Coming from my family good eye sight is ma HUGE blessing!

Here are her stats:

At 6 years and 1 months:

your child is 53 pounds, and that is
at the 83rd percentile for weight.

your child is 46.5 inches, and that is
at the 68th percentile for height.

Chiara has always been in the 75th percentile and solid as a rock. I told her that she will more than likely be taller than her mother and her face lit up! Her health is not something I take for granted. I pray about it and thank the Lord often that she is so healthy. Our family has been touched by Chiara befriending Kate McRae, who is 7 and is fighting her second battle with brain cancer.

Still can't believe I was there for her SIXTH YEAR wellness check. She is growing up faster than I can keep up with.


My Husband...the runner!

Even though this b log is mostly dedicated to writing about the adventures in raising these beautiful girls we have I love opportunities to just POUR OUT all about my husband. We have known one another for 14 years this July and each year with him is more exciting than the last! He is most certainly my best friend and cheering him on is one of my most favorite things to do!

Some people do not know that David was born with Legg-Perthes Disease and was basically told that running was not going to be a sport of choice for him. He also tore his ACL and had that repaired back in 1999 (I think). Who would think that for the past few years he HAS been running and this year he has improved his time and distance?!?!?! I am simply amazed with his determination and drive...of course I am also amazed with his hot body from all the weight loss too!

This was his second year running in the Pat Tillman Foundation Run and my first year going to see him...a BIG shout out to my parents for taking the girls so I could get up at 4:30 AM to head up to Tempe!!!! Yes, 4:30 AM!!! Now, that is love! When David told me that he was really excited I was going to be there I would have gone anywhere at anytime for him!

I was able to catch a shot of him taking off and coming in. It is a 4.2 mile run (Pat's number was 42); here are David's stats that he posted on Facebook:
Wow, I finished 3,199 of 22,409 today in Pat's Run. I'll take it! I was just hoping to finish in the top 5,000... My race pace was a quick 8:28/mile = 7.25 mph
Official Pat's Run time of 35:33! That's a big improvement over last years 39:44 time.
Here is David at the start of the was sort of scary seeing how close together the groups were...not a lot of room to run out in front!
These two pictures are David and some of his coworkers that ran too. David has been working out with Brandon for a few years now doing Crossfit.

Here is my gorgeous husband about to run into the stadium, to the 42 yard line, and finish his second Pat Tillman Run. At the time I had not idea how he did, but it did not matter (that he smoked his best trial time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) because I was just so proud of him. Not just because of the running, but because he chooses to run in this race-one that shows his love for his country and patriotism. I love this man. Can't wait to see what he takes on next!!!!


Student Pictures with Holly Bean Photography

We have the MOST amazing photographer!!!!!!!! Her name is Laura Higgs and she has created Holly Bean Photography here in Casa Grande. We have used her several times now and I love everything she does.

I was able to book her for our home school student picture day and of course did not disappoint! As I am placing each kid's picture on the yearbook page I am more and more happy we used Laura. Of course I had all 3 girls pictures taken that day and sweet Laura snapped a couple love shots of Miss Leah and me and me and baby girl. I can't wait until our baby belly and infant shots with her!!!!

Her Facebook Page has lots of her work

Miss Leah lovin' on her Mommy and Baby Sister

Love that baby belly!

The girls call this shirt a "Hannah Montana" shirt....Leah looks so cute in it!

I love that Laura got that gorgeous smile!

I KNOW she is good when she can get this smile out of Mayah AND Mayah looking!!!!

Chiara is a natural and enjoyed being Laura's helper for the days shoot!


Information Overload

Well, I have decided to join Twitter. Mostly because homeschooling these girls is a daily adventure and I just have to tell "someone" about it! LOL! even if that someone is just David....he is my most important someone anyway!

A cool feature on this blog is I can sync my twitter posts on the side. So, they are here too! Cool.



Why are all my pictures posting, then disappearing???????


Sunday Sweethearts

Before church, this past Sunday, all my girls were looking so beautiful so I asked if I could take their picture. My sweet Mayah said, "Mommy, will you be in the picture with us?" How could I say no to my sweet girl? So, we sat and David took some pictures of his girls. When I look at this it comes to my mind that some day VERY soon there will be one more precious daughter in this picture. Will she have the same nose? The same beautiful face structure? Will she be petite like Mayah or built more like Chiara and Leah? I wonder if I will finally get my brunette daughter. No matter what...I KNOW she will be surrounded by the love of her three sisters and her parents. In fact, she may be a bit smothered in love for a while!!! I love being a mom. I love that I have been entrusted with four girls. I would not change a thing. Ok, that's not entirely true....I would remove from people's mouths the stupid things they say like, "Oh, just wait until they are teenagers." or to David, " You are in trouble." First of all, I was a teenage girl. I was not a perfect angel either. In fact, I say good luck if my girls even think of lying or sneaking....never mess with the (former) master. Secondly, why would we waste this precious time thinking about what is to come? We are enjoying this season, not worrying with what is to come. Of course we believe how and what we are teaching them now will be the foundation for later, but later is not our focus. If all we focus on is "later" than we would certainly lose out on now.
Ok, so this sweet Sunday picture stirred lots more than just the beauty of my happens to an expectant mother. Four Can't wait!

Our Sweet Number 4

Baby Girl #4 is measuring an estimated 3 lbs, 12 oz and went from 90th percentile to 75th percentile. More normal for my girls. Her right kidney still has fluid in it, but we are all certain it will clear out. Nothing I am worried about. I love seeing her face...Mayah LOVED the heartbeat, it was Leah first time, and I am so glad David was there!


Chiara's First Play

I am reposting this hoping this time the pictures load. Not sure what happened on Blogger last time.

Chiara was in her first play!!!! She had two roles and nailed them both! She has a natural stage presence and best of all just enjoyed the entire experience. This play was The Big Bad Wolf on Trial, written and directed by Kathy Davis-our home school group director this year. Cute play. I am very proud of Chiara for memorizing her lines and getting into character.

Pic 4: Here she is with Ceanna who played Little Red Riding Hood.
Pic 3: Being sworn in to give her testimony as Boaris Penn, brother to Pig Penn. Love that BIG belly!
Pic 2: The last one on stage for the play, Miss Cindy Rella, reporting for Foxy breaking News!

Pic 1: Of course Cindy ended her performance with a cute curtsy. Loved it!