The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Happy 4th Birthday Leah Jo!

November 7, 2008 we met our sweet Leah Jo. She was this beautiful round ball of baby fat and we were instantly in love.  I could not wait to introduce her to her two big sisters.  Her first name is Leah because David's middle name is Lee and it was an easy way to incorporate this sweet father of 3 girls-we do call her Lee-Lee as a family name.  Her middle name is Jo because her paternal great grandfather, who passed away the August before she was born, always called his wife, Great Grandma Koebler, "Jo" (her name is Josephine).  It was a way to honor both of them and always remember him.  (We had always intended to use his name "Charles" as a boys middle name, but that never happened!)

Leah is our funny one.  Making her sisters laugh all the time.  She absolutely loves My Little Pony and because she has an amazing auditory memory she can recite almost entire episodes for you! I love that she has developed independent play.  It is hilarious to hear her in the toy room with her ponies, dinosaurs, and horses.  Her story lines are creative and funny.  She knows all her letter sounds, counts to 20 (at least) and backwards from ten.  I take zero credit for that....she has grown up in the school room and has absorbed everything.  Even now she will be on the computer (her first love! HAHAHA!) and turn around to pay attention to Mayah's first grade lesson.  She wants to make up the sentences for spelling pretests/tests.  She loves her Bear-Bear and a good Fancy Nancy or Pinkalicious book at night.  She is very independent and knows what she wants.  She has developed deep emotions over the past few months so I am watching my tone around her as she is very sensitive to that now.  She gives great hugs and "little" kisses which make her laugh.  I am even more in love with her 4 years later!

The day before her birthday we went to Shamrock Farms for a field trip.  No School.  Dadddy came.  Super fun!

It was a stinkin' good time!

About to partake in her birthday dinner.  She wanted quesadillas!  


Opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy and sisters.  I love how excited Chiara is for her!  Those two have always been buddies.

What else....My Little Pony!!

She asked for a Peter Pan book a couple days before...good thing I could find one!

Emma looking along at all the excitement.

Can't wait to see what this new year has for our third born princess!
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Scott & Sierra's Engagement Photo Shoot

This was my first photo shoot with someone over the age of 7! Woo Hoo! It was so much fun photographing these two newly engaged love birds.  I am honored that they would give me the experience.  

Here are a few for now.  Still going through the 400+ pictures I took!

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Happy Halloween

We don't do anything extravagant for Halloween.  The girls enjoy dressing up, we have a few decorations up, and what kid does not like going door to door getting sugary goodness???!!!!  

After morning school time we headed out to a Halloween Party that Happy Homeschoolers had. It was a lovely time making some new friends for all 5 of us girls.

Miss Emma enjoying a caramel apple made by host Kelli.  

Chiara gave bobbing for apples a try! She got a few!

She went for full immersion here!

Halloween night was fun!  Nanny and Grampy came down for dinner and to go door to door with us.  I was not going to bring the camera this year, but after seeing Emma wanting to do everything like her big sisters I ran back to get it!

Here are my sweet girls before heading out.  Two Rapunzels,  A Barbie Princess, and a Ballerina.

Pure Joy.

Emma held on to her pumpkin the entire time.  Even when she had to drag it behind her from the weight she did not want to let go!

I didn't realize how bad this picture came out, but I had to post anyway.  Her face was perfect here!  Fun. Joy. Happy. Love.

After trick or treating (we only did 2 streets) we came back to the house made a fire outside, roasted marshmallows for smores, and watched the girls burn off sugar!  After the girls were in bed and my parents left, David and I sat outside with our cups of tea and enjoyed the quiet time alone in front of the fire.  Great ending to a great day!
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An Evening Out

David and I were invited to his coworkers wedding.  It was a wonderful evening!  Beautiful ceremony, lots of wine for me, great conversation, delicious food, fabulous music....and my parents took the girls for the evening!  We stayed until the last dance at 11pm!

My dear friend Julie (in our house she is known as McRae since Julie seems to be a popular name with me!) lent me a dress and jewelry.  I bought super sexy new shoes that apparently are "Fergalicious"!  

David looked amazing.  We danced, laughed, and ate a lot of caesar salad!

Before leaving my parents I asked Mom to take a few pictures of us, using my camera, since we are rarely all dolled up like this.

Nothing like a night out alone to remind you of your life B.K. (before kids). 
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More of Mayah's Birthday

On October 29, 2006 my life forever changed. Around 9am my sweet Mayah Rae came into this world. She was an easy baby...walking at 9 months old and full on running at 10 months!She has yet to stop.  What better way to celebrate her day than at Phoenix Zoo with some wildlife! You can read more about Mayah's birthday party and zoo time here.


After the fun-filled time at the zoo it was birthday dinner and family presents. 

Leah and Mayah. Two years and 9 days apart.  

Leah and Emma got her a new TinkBelle/Pixie Hollow book.  She is very much our little Tink.

Chiara and Mayah. 19 1/2 months apart. Best Friends.

Chiara reading her thoughtful and loving card.

Daddy and Mayah. Thirty years apart!  Ha Ha Ha!

Mayah has been asking for an umbrella for a long time now.  So happy to grant her wish!!!!  She asked if she can use it when it is sunny since we rarely get rain! Yes.  
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