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Track Time

For David's birthday this year I paid for him to do a "track day" with his motorcycle. Had you told me 5 years ago that I would be doing this I would have told you that you were out of your ever-lovin' mind! (yes, that is something I would say)

Well, today is the day. Oh my! I am excited and suprisingly only a little bit nervous. In this house we subscribe to the philosophy that you cannot worry and pray at the same time. Philippians 4:6...look it up, believe it, live it.

I am hoping to get some pictures, but not sure what will be going on when I am there-especially with Leah. My parents are coming too. I am really happy about this because I know my mom is not a big fan of motorcycle riding and has not seen David drive. This will be good.

Just in case you are curious I have not been on the bike yet-still working up to that. I am turning 30 this year...maybe I can go around the block! LOL!

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