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Yes, this blog has been neglected...but that is because I have been working on something very exciting!  I made my photography business official!!!!  Woo Hoo!  It has been a lot of work...and still has some 'behind the scenes' things to be done, but I am excited!

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Family Trip to Flagstaff

My Arizona born girls are obsessed with snow.....well, maybe I should say they were obsessed with snow!   We took a family trip up to Flagstaff over the weekend to play in the snow and go sledding.  The highs were barely in double digits and the lows over night went into negative numbers.


It was very cold, but we had ourselves a good time!  Nanny and Grampy (my parents) of course joined us for the freezing fun!  I am so grateful they were there...sledding would not have been as easy...or as entertaining!

Outside of NAU Morton Hall Chiara was all about throwing snow at Daddy.  There are great benefits to being the family photographer!  No snow at Mommy!

On a little side note, I was able to have coffee and spend some time with a former 5th grade student who is a Sophomore at NAU.

Snow angels were a big hit for the three oldest.  Emma did not like snow on her gloves.  Blah! She said.  Every. Single. Time.

Our little penguin.

Later that evening we visited our friends Chick-fil-A!  They open this coming Thursday, they are the previous owners of the CFA here in Casa Grande.  It was so great to see them!  We got a tour of the entire facility.  How cool!

The next morning we were off to Wing Mountain Park to do some sledding!

Leah, my little penguin, and her Daddy!  I am so fortunate to have an active husband who loves doing this stuff with the girls! 

Chiara was loving it...until she got too cold.  It was a whopping 13 degrees out!

Love this one!  Leah asked her Dad, myself, Grampy, and Nanny to join her for sledding.  She made sure to get at least one ride with everyone....ok, one ride with me, many with my Dad and David, and two great rides with her Nanny!
My Dad rocked it out there!  Old?  Nope!

Mayah would have stayed the longest!  She loved all the hills and wanted to keep going.  I loved her smile!

Grampy and penguin Leah!

Nanny helped keep a very tired and cold Emma happy!  She has become quite the Nanny's girl!!!

Grampy and Leah off to do some more sledding

Now, Leah asked Nanny to go with her and of course how could Nanny say no?!  She wouldn't.  She didn't...and we love it!  After some "Nanny Yoga" into the sled she was off.  The first run was ok, but Dad and I wanted the money shot.  I direct David with some hand signals as to where he should line them up (of course with my Dad in complete agreement).


The money shot!  Nanny got some good air on this one!  So much I am fairly certain her rear is still sore today!  

I think it hurt a bit on that landing!

The San Francisco Peaks.  Beautiful.

David went with Leah and got some air too...funny, his rear seems just fine!  Hee hee!

It was a great time, followed by some great eats at Salsa Brava.  Lots of laundry later I am so glad we went!
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