The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Hard work pays off!

Some how I deleted a post about my fitness from a year ago. Bummer. I can remember how excited I was to see a big difference in one year. 
Since then I have taken up running and I am truly enjoying the classes I take at lifetime fitness! I have met really encouraging people and their friendships mean so much to me! 
I am not quite where I want to be but each day I get closer! I never thought I would enjoy working out but I do!!!! Even better than how I feel is what it is teaching my girls! Fitness is a part of their day too! We can talk about being fit not skinny and making healthy choices when eating. My hope is that they won't hit 30 and realize how out of shape they are! Instead, they would have fitness and exercise be part of their life.
Here's to continued transformation in 2014!!


Making the old new

If you have been on Pinterest at all you have probably seen how many people are painting their cabinets in lieu of buying new ones. It is not difficult just time consuming and a bit lengthy. We do not have a large kitchen so painting them white would open the space up and we thought it would look great with our new GE slate colored appliances!
David borrowed a paint sprayer fro a friend to make painting the cabinet doors quicker and easier. 
Painting the cupboard part was easy. Even after a couple coats of primer we could see and feel the difference! It just felt cleaner!! Of course the yellow wall color was really showing. 
Primed and ready to be sprayed! 
Sexy sprayer guy!!! Of course we are doing this in over 100 degree heat!!!!
Let's not forget all new hardware! The original style....yes original to the not made any longer because it is over thirty years old, so we bought hinges and knobs we liked but it meant drilling all new holes! It was a two night process interrupted by David traveling for work!
The results were great!!! This is a photo taken after we hung only what is seen here. Notice we were still without a full size fridge!!! 
Gorgeous!!!  Even better when David was able to get the microwave up!!!! All just in time for a special princess birthday party!!!! 
Yup, love it!!!! 


The other side of Craigslist

We sold a ton of things via Craigslist when we knew we were purchasing this home. Some were because we knew the item would not fit but most because we really did not have a need for it.
The only items that invoked an emotional response were the baby items and the living room tables. Neither made me cry but it was a clear moment if change of seasons. The baby stuff is more obvious but David and I had picked those tables for his house in michigan about 14 years ago. I was happy to see them go because I am done with kid fingerprinted glass, but it was a realization of how time flies!
Anyway I went on Craigslist to find a nook table so the girls did not have to keep eating in the dining room. 
I wanted a round top, preferably white, NO glass, and cheap! Found it!!! It eill certainly suit our needs for sometime!!!


Frozen...and not the cute Disney movie

After a very long day of moving we thought it would be fun to take a dip in our new pool! The girls were not here so we could just enjoy it together.

My toes told me otherwise, but David insisted that if I just went under it would be better. I did, he dove and we both froze!!! With no sun warming us it was just cold.

We laughed and then agreed to get out! It was worth it for the memory. I love this guy and look forward to warmer night dips for years to come!!!