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The New Season Has Begun

A new season of motorcycle racing has begun-it started today with World Superbike. I do not know all of the names of the drivers, but I do know at least the manufacturers of the bikes-go Suzuki! I never thought I would enjoy watching a motorcycle race-well, to be honest I really only like watching the beginning and end. The last two laps are exhilirating! Usually it is one to three guys fighting for the lead.
With all that said the most exciting part of the whole race was before it even started. Chiara could not wait to sit down with her Dad and watch racing. Listening to her ask a million questions and be so concerned when someone would lose control of the bike and off the track they went-was cool. It was genuine. She loves her Dad. She loves that he drives a motorcycle. (Don't worry Mom-I told her she can't get one until she is 30 like her Dad). She wanted to know if he went as fast during his track day.....he wishes!
Looking at the two of them on the couch made me stop. Stop to see another daughter who loves her Daddy (yeah, I do too). A daughter who thinks her Dad is cool and shows a genuine interest in what he likes (I never really liked watching the Bruins, but my Dad did so I did). It was beautiful-I took a picture. There may come a day when we will need to pull this picture out and all look at it....especially us parents.
It was nice to see Mayah join the group-FYI, be happy she at least had panties on! She will not sit on the motorcycle like Chiara, but she is the one glued to the front door waiting to watch him ride home on it. She likes to help him take off his boots and put away his things. Sweet.
As I sit here writing this I am stopping to thank God for making our family perfect. For knowing who was needed to make us complete. Each unique thing about our girls is just right....even the things we don't like sometimes-like Chiara not being quiet so David could listen to anything about the race! LOL! Her mother's daughter, huh?!
Not sure about Leah yet....but I can't wait to find out!!!

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  1. What a nice time to capture on film! These are the memories your girls will cherish forever (even without the Bruins). Dad


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