The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Pat's Run 2014

It's hard to think that a year ago this was my first ever real run. My supportive husband ran the entire 4.2 mile run at my pace and I finished in just over 51 minutes. I was just so excited to be under one hour and I ran (really it was a jog) the entire course. 

I have been running consistently since last fall. I am not where I want to be but I am inching my way there, something I could not do without my amazing husband encouraging me and giving me tips along with my four cheerleaders!!! One of those cheerleaders has the itch to run as well. She joined us for the run this year and walk/jogged it with her daddy and Scott. They finished at 1:05:07 and I cried as they ran over the finish line together. Honestly, this run is so emotional anyway knowing who we are running for (pat Tillman gave his life for this country) and seeing current military running, wounded warrior project, those representing fallen soldiers, along with countless other patriotic people and sights.
As for me I finished in 45:37. Averaging a 10:52 mile, which would have been a little better had I not got stuck in a crowd at the end. My goal was an eleven minute mile consistently for 4.2 miles. I do not train with inclines and there are a couple doozies on this course! 

Big Changes

It's official....we have no more cribs in this house! In fact we have no more baby anything. It Is bittersweet. I have no desire to be pregnant again or lose sleep for months, but I do love our babies. However, four is a good number for us.

Emma is sleeping on a fold out mattress for now and she loves it! 

Easter 2014

A little preeaster fun at Walmart saying hi to a Easter bunny. We have never done much involving this furry guy but the girls wanted to day hi to him, well all but sweet Emma. She was "cared" (scared) of him! 
Easter baskets are simple in our house but full of things each girl would like. Chiara loved her scarf and new hairbrush, mayah was happy to get a new hello kitty watch, Leah freaked over her angry bird necklace and earring holder, and Emma loves anything purple! We bought each girl their own box of band me on this parenting idea!!! And if course each one got glow sticks for our trip to Alpine in July!!!! (Can't wait!!)
We go to Easter service Saturday night with my parents so we can enjoy this time together Sunday as a family. Our girls are only young for a little while and trying to have a joy filled Easter morning while rushing to get ready for church seems ridiculous! We live watching them hi around the house looking for eggs in their pjs. Emma had no memory of last Easter so this was her first time all over again!!! She saw the first eggs when we all came down the stairs and said,"this is awkward!" So cute! 
Of course when nanny,grampy, great grandparents, and "uncle" Scott (or cot) get here we egg hunt outside! Scott and I hide these eggs and we try to make it a big more challenging.
Then gifts from nanny and grampy to top it all off.....
The most exciting was that nanny was taking her four girls to a little production of Aladdin!!!
Our sweet mayah spent most of the day in bed with a fever (she was diagnosed with strep the following day). She was such a trooper to come out of bed to egg hunt and enjoy a couple parts of the day. 

Another wonderful family holiday!!!

Scientifically speaking

Another trip to the Phoenix science center, though this one was a bit shorter than normal for us. It was a major school field trip day. If David and I were not already convinced to homeschool our girls for the duration of their schooling this trip would have pushed us there. 
It was not only the behavior of the children but the lack of involvement and correction from the adults supervising them. 
Due to the hectic nature of the exhibits we took in a show in the planetarium that no schools were seeing. It was the Arizona skies show and all four girls enjoyed it! We learned a lot about the constellations and planets. Of course there was talk of Big Bang and such but it just provided good conversation after about what the bible saysverses scientific   theories. My girls get it and I love that we are there to have these conversations with them.
After our time at the science center David treated us all to lunch. And we can't go to the Cheesecake Factory without also going to the pet store....where we found chiara!!!! It was another great family fun day!!!


Family Fun Day - AZ Game and Fish Event

Another year attending this fun event, though this year the youth day was a bit overcrowded for our liking. 
The girls enjoy practicing their fishing, seeing all the reptiles and birds, and maybe getting a chance to touch a lizard or tortoise. 
I am so happy that David does this with us every year!! I know the girls love that too. 

Hello 21st Century!

I guess it was about time I made my way here....I had been fighting having a smart phone for years. Mostly because of hm utter disgust with how distracted people seem with them. However, running my business and my life has gotten a bit easier with it. 
My sweet husband bought me an iPhone and I will admit that it is awesome! I am blogging from it right now! 
I wish I took a photo of my awesome case that has my logo on it, which was designed by the talented Lindsey Black (!
Hopefully having this app will make blogging easier so I will be back to it....then again the app does not create more time.