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Mom, Take Our Picture Please......

Chiara and Leah are head over heals for one another. As I write this (at 6 AM) Chiara is sitting on the floor with her baby sister, holding her hand, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The picture above is from yesterday....Chiara asked if I would take their picture....again. She just loves being around Leah, talking to her, making her laugh and smile. She wants to feed her, but we are waiting a bit on that as Leah is still so knew at it. I love seeing Leah's face light up when Chiara comes around. Chiara tells me that Leah loves her....she also interprets her yells and babble! So cute!

Chiara was so young when Mayah was born she did not get to experience all this.....I am so glad we had another baby. Even with the day to day craziness, the lack of sleep, and the absence of alone is great! We are blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Your girls are beautiful. You are so blessed to have 3 ;) Oh and BTW I took that photo during nap time. :) So there were no little munchkins running around.


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