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I am Me

It seems to me that lately I have noticed that other people have a problem with the fact that I enjoy staying home...I don't mean being a stay at home mom, but that I am a homebody. I don't need to go here, there, and everywhere to feel content. Actually, I am sick of crowds, trying to manage three kids, and not lose my mind. I love my house....I love having a clean and orderly house. I do not need to go out and get away to feel like me. Sure, there are some weeks that I can't wait to go out to the grocery store alone or get my hair done. Most days though I would rather be with my husband or veggin' out. I like the phone and can chat it up on my own couch.

So, don't pressure people that like to be home. Don't make them feel like they have to be like you. God created us all different. I have 3 girls and of the older 2 one is a homebody like me and the other like her Dad....go, go go! We are all different...relax, I'm ok with being home.

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