The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


A Big Girl and a Big Helper

I am still surprised how easy it was to potty train Miss Leah. I don't really feel like I can even take the credit-I basically put her in panties and sat her on the potty. She just figured it out! I know it helps that she sees her two big sisters in there everyday....we have an open door potty policy-a reason why Mommy uses her bathroom upstairs sometimes.

Once Leah could say something that sounded like "potty" I knew we were ready to give it a whirl. She says "bobby" and it cracks us up, but it works!

Here is my third princess reading her My Big Girl Potty book on the potty. She would only use the big potty (I have 2 small ones because teeny tiny Mayah was terrified of falling in the big one)...I am guessing since that is what all the other girls use!

And, I cannot forget to thank my BIG helper, Chiara!!!! She has helped get Leah on the potty, tell me when she has to go, and lots of other things making Leah's potty training easier and a success. Because of her wonderful help I took her out and let her pick out an outfit. She chose this cute tank top and skirt set-the shoes were an added bonus. She loved wearing it to church on Sunday!
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Not Father, but Daddy

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I am married to an amazing man. Not only does he provide for his family, love me (the good and bad), have a huge heart....he is a Daddy. Many men are fathers, sure, but it takes a special man to be a Daddy. He gives teddy bear hugs, takes his princesses fishing and swimming, he does cartwheels in the backyard, reads many princess books, and will shake his booty to get those girlies to smile! He is a Daddy.

I watch him with our girls and know that God knew what we needed. Neither one of us ever thought we would be raising 3 girls, but the Lord knew this great man would be a great Daddy. I love that he knows his Disney Princesses and remembers to tell his girls how beautiful they are just about every day!

So, to my great husband...Happy Daddy's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love this blog, I just wish I could dedicate more time to writing. I have purposely jam-packed our June to keep the kids busy and tired! HA! It's working!!! Mayah is taking a Kindergym (play) class 4 days a week at 9AM. I am taking the 2 other girls to the Library to keep them busy for the 45 minute class. We also have swim lessons, our friends that moved to Okinawa here, and playdates/swimming at friend's houses. Chiara is also on her last week of school and we are just ready to be done!

So, with all that is keeping us busy I am spent by the end of the day and would rather not get on the computer at all.

I did take pictures today of our first science lesson of the summer and I will post later this week. I just tell myself that we must be having a lot of fun if I can't get online......

I did take some time this AM to redesign a bit. I used Picasa to make a collage. I was inspired by my friend's blog. She always has the cutest things!!!


Mayah's Turn

This summer I signed Miss Mayah up for Kindergym through Casa Grande's Park and Rec. The kids do not leave there with any "real" skill, but it is a great opportunity to learn to listen to a teacher, follow directions, get some exercise, and for Mayah...have something that is ALL about you! She is just now finishing up her 4 weeks of class. It has been Monday through Thursday at 9 AM for 45 has worn me out, but she has loved every minute. I know she will be sad next Monday when it is over.

She is a cutie in a leotard!!!!
What is really cool is that 2 of my former 5th grade students (now a hs graduate and a junior) are 2 of the teachers. Mayah has a great affection for them and I am very comfortable knowing they are watching out for her. I stayed for the first 2-3 classes, but Leah was bored and Chiara could not concentrate on school work. So, we drop "big girl" Mayah off and head to the library each day-which happens to be across the street.
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What I love witnessing is that this is one of those turning point moments when your child grows away from being a toddler and into a 'kid'. There are mixed emotions that come with that, but in the end it is beautiful!

Dancing Queen

(I saved this post and never wrote/published it)

Chiara had her 3rd dance recital June 4th and 5th. She was amazing. She was recovering from a nasty stomach bug (even puked right before dress rehearsal and still wanted to go on!). She again impressed me.....she is a natural performer!

Here she is will Miss Cassie-the teachers helper. I love how nervous she got before the really shows her true investment in our girls!
Here is Miss Carina....what a cutie! She loves dancing and it shines through her whole being. Chiara adored both her teachers.
Each year she performs Chiara gets to wear makeup....she loves that! I love that it is a very special thing for her, since she will not be able to wear it regularly for some time. She is simply gorgeous!
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Chiara and Amee.....such cuties! They became instant friends...and I am VERY blessed by the friendship with her mom! Chiara and Amee really enjoy one another and is an answer to my prayer for Chiara to have a friend like her since her 2 dear friends both moved away this past year to Okinawa and Washington.

Potty Power!

I am amazed at how easily potty training has come for Miss Leah. I can only remember about 3-4 messy days. She loves to read her books in there, but those get phased out soon. We have to removed the toilet paper roll....if we do not want to lose it all.

Here she is just enjoying her books.....big girl panties and all!

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