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My new closet

I never knew I could get so excited over a closet, but I am!!! It has been an amazing transformation! Not even recognizable from when we first viewed this house with our agents.
I had a vision when I walked into this house and I just love seeing one project get there!!!! The system we used is by closetmaid at Home Depot. Middle if the road for in store pricing...certainly more than a wire rack system but completely worth it. I believe the entire closet, which is approximately 5 ft by 13 ft, cost under $700!!!! The system we had quoted was over $3,300 so we certainly made the right decision!!! 
Two final pieces will be a full length mirror on the wall and a gun safe in the corner. 
Check out some befores and the after:
We had no idea the rack was being held up bc there was so much stuff blocking it! Seriously, a vision!
David demoing...which is when we decided to take everything out, have it re textured and painted!!! 
So pretty!!!!