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I hate potty training...or re-potty training

So, I am trying to get Mayah re-potty trained. I hate it. I hated it the first time around. Pee is every where. She makes it to the bathroom sometimes, but mostly she is peeing and telling me while she does it.
I do not need advice, I do not need to know what others think I should do.....

She was potty trained and I knew this could happen after Leah was born, but I was praying it would not.

When she makes it on the potty we all celebrate.....we are not celebrating often enough for me.

So, for now-more laundry, more carpet cleanings, and more stress. is just going to take time....AGAIN.

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  1. Ha ha. So sorry, we went through that for 2 weeks with lily when we brought Eden home. She even climbed onto the changing table and said she wanted a diaper change. She was wearing underpants. lol


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