The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


First Day of School 2011

Here are some pictures from our first day of school. Chiara started BJU 2nd Grade and Mayah started My Father's World Kindergarten. I am so proud of my girls and how hard they work. Mayah was so enthusiastic and it was contagious! Chiara is struggling a bit more with the transition from "summer schedule" to school, but after a good talk with her father about having joy and not rushing things have greatly improved.

Leah has been occupying herself with computer time and Preschool Prep videos. She has not been that hard to manage during school. Emma has joined us at some point each day this week and we just work around her 'schedule'.

We did have some milk and cookies in the afternoon to keep a Day Family tradition going. It brings me so much joy!

Here is Mayah sorting and matching upper and lower case letters.
Emma joined us for a while
Another tradition-first day of school pictures
Chiara working in her handwriting book


Here we go again......

I have been terrible about keeping up with this idea why?!?! HA! Emma is a big 11 weeks old now-zooooom! So fast. This past week she moved out of our room and into hers. She is still sleeping in the swing for half the night, but in her own room. David and I seem to be sleeping better and I really think it is best for her to start getting used to her own space. The bassinet is still in our room if needed and of course there is always our bed!
We are about to embark on another home school year. We plan to start tomorrow. I am learning that I do not need a "start" time right now as each and every day looks different. I purchased a curriculum for Mayah this year-Kindergarten! Yes, she is quite ready even though the public school system would have her wait a year. She has a desire to learn and after looking through the beginning of the curriculum I think she is beyond ready. It starts with letter recognition and she is doing letter sounds and I think ready for blends. We are going to take it slow only because I am managing 2 kids with school and 2 kids not...and breastfeeding. My only expectations for the school day is to make it through the day with joy and grace.
Chiara is starting 2nd grade curriculum with BJU. She can and likes to work very independently and BJU allows her to do so. I can't take any credit for the amazing things Leah Jo knows! She can count to 10, recognize numbers 1 through 10 and even recognizes at least 20 letters. WOW! Thank you Preschool Prep Company DVDs!!!
I have been using almost all of my "free" (hahahahaha) time preparing for the school year beginning of our home school support group. David and I are Directors this year and it is our heart's desire to see the group grow....and it is already! I can't wait to see what happens this year for Mi CASA!
I am sure there are so many things I could write on many little details that I am neglecting. However, I am choosing to just be in the moment and enjoy what comes each day.