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Oh Mayah....

What would I do without a degree in psychology-with a focus on children??? Oh how the Lord knew I would have Mayah some day. She is "normal"-for whatever that word is worth, but she requires so much. As I write this (at 8:30 PM) she is still awake-an hour after we put the girls to bed. I went up there because I was sick of the crying and had put Leah to bed....she wanted to talk. And talk she did. On and on and on! Oh my!Her language is really developing. Maybe she just wants to get it out.
Most days it takes everything I have to be her Mommy. She makes me realize that Chiara was way to easy! LOL!
I know very well that all this will be a distant memory some day. But for now I am worn out.....


  1. You never know how God is going to use something. He has blessed Mayah with an awesome mommy equiped with the ability to meet her needs. And give her the love and guidance she desires. Praise Jesus!

  2. Mommy I want to talk...

    I'm glad you're the one with the Psych degree. I definitely do not have the patience all the time that M requires.

  3. Someday Mayah's going to earn a LOT of $$ as a stunt woman or something of that nature and then you will say, "Okay,now I get it"!! Gotta love that little curly headed angel.


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