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Leah's Four Month Appointment

Has it really been 4 months…..oh my!

Here are the stats from today:
Weight- 15 lbs 6.5 oz, 96th percentile
Length- 25 1/4 inches, 97th percentile
Head Circumference- 16 3/4 inches, 94th percentile

To give you some perspective Chiara weighed 14 1/2 pounds and Mayah was actually the same weight as Leah at TWO months (she is so my peanut!) Mayah did not weigh as much as Leah now until she was about 7/8 months old!
Leah and Chiara were the same length at 4 months-Mayah was 2 inches shorter! LOL! Love it!!!! God has really created them all perfectly!

Dr Madrid was pleased that Leah is eating organic rice cereal and loves it! You should see her open her mouth for it. I still chuckle every time I give it to her….I have to remind myself that she is only 4 months old. She is not rolling yet, but it is hard with that big head! HA! He always says how beautiful my girls are…I think so too!

He also took the time to talk to Chiara and Mayah…what an earful he gets. The PA in training got quite a show today. Chiara filled him in on everything and Mayah talked softly…WHAT?! Yes, Mayah talked softly…..can Dr. Madrid come live with me???!!! :) We are blessed with a pediatrician who takes the time with my children and gets to know them….reminds me a lot of my pediatrician.

We will be back there in a few weeks for her immunizations (they were out???!!!) and Chiara's four year old appointment…..four…seriously…!


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  1. You are so blessed to have such healthy beautiful girls. And three to boot. I'm so happy you have a Pediatrician you can trust. I am very plaesed with our family doctor too. I like when doctors take the time to build a relationship with the kids it makes them feel safe, and provides them with a healthy attitude about going in the future. I hated going because of bad experiences as a child. Nothing wierd, just a cold old grumpy doctor who was in and out and not compasionate at all.


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