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Miss Leah....

Well, I would have loved for Leah to be the kid who stays in our room sleeping peacefully until she was 6 months old...not going to happen. She is the six of most 6 months old! LOL! Even with an over-sized bassinet it was not going to happen. Who knew our third would be bigger than our first. Geesh.
Well, David's mother has bought all three of the girls cribs. We were not able to get the same one, but we like this one. David picked it up Friday night and assembled it this past Saturday. She went down without a problem Saturday night....a new season has begun. Kind of sad for me. I hate when they leave the comfort of my room. However, I am all about sleep. :) Her first night was normal for her-up every three hours and by 3 AM she wanted to be with me. So, into the bed she came. I really don't care what other people think about this-I am tired and she is comforted with me. I like what I read about cubs and their bear mothers-the cubs feel safe and secure with the pack. Anyway, it is what it is.
You may or may not know that her swing is life line. Sunday was not a good day for her. She only slept for about an hour at her normal 3 hour nap time. Ugh. Rough day. Long Day. Thank God David was home.
Sunday night she would not settle. I got her to bed at 9 Pm and she slept 4 hours!!!!!! Not 3...FOUR! She went right back to sleep in her crib and slept another FOUR hours! YEAH! She went right back to sleep in her crib! Yes! She was up around 7 AM. Awesome! She only took a 45 minutes morning nap in the crib (I want my swing back!), but I put on the Baby Bjorn and finished teaching. Praise God I had already gotten our group time done.
She has had cereal again today....she opens her mouth for cool! She seems to really like it....all smiles. Nanny is happy...I think she counts the days from when they are born until they can have her pasta and meatballs. I put her down awake again and she took a bit but fell asleep. Who knows for how long, but I will take what I can.

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