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Merry Christmas- part 1

Merry Christmas! 
 Here are some highlights and D'Amato traditions!

Christmas Eve.  The girls are in bed, the presents are ready to be opened, and we are excited to bless the heck out of them.  You can see each of the girls receive three gifts.  

Stocking are full...and a bit overflowing.  It was the year of books in the stockings this year.  The stockings are all made by my mom with love.  

The Little People nativity has been under the tree and before the older two go to bed they set it up on the table.  The green paper pieces are "hay" that the girls receive when we notice good behavior, kindness, thinking of others, obedience, etc.  Baby Jesus is not put in the manger until they are in bed and he lays on all their good deeds.

Our menu...such good food!

Coming down the stairs AFTER 7am...yes, that's right folks!  We tell them if they wake they have to wait. 

Nope, no presents yet.  They head straight for the table because they know Baby Jesus is there and it's time for CAKE!  They sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have a traditional piece of Christmas cake!

Happy girl!!!

Serving cake, but having none.  Self restraint...only way I am going to get the pre-baby body ALL the way back!


Just shoving it in!  

Ok, now we are ready for presents!
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Merry Christmas -part 2

Let the presents begin!!!

The first present of Christmas!  Our girls take turns and open one gift at a time.  

Emma's Minnie Mouse vacuum

I love how they all share in each others excitement of the gifts!  This is Leah getting a My Little Pony gift.

The girls thought it was funny that we rewrapped their American Girls (their Christmas gifts they bought at the AG Store in LA)

What they didn't know was I had been working for weeks sewing them doll dresses and matching skirts for them.  I did it for each girl/doll.

Emma got a life size Minnie!

Leah said she was old enough for an AG doll, but we were not.  She was thrilled with this AG-type doll.  We knew she would love the cowgirl!  She named her Naya (you know, neigh, like the sound a horse makes!)

Minnie was a BIG hit!

BIG hit!

Chiara got Legos...she was thrilled.  They are the Friends ones like the ones she has already.
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Merry Christmas- part 3

Time for Mommy to open her gifts!  Chiara made me a gift....I had no idea that it would have me in tears.  For David's birthday I had put together a jar of "All the Reasons I love you"-about 300 pieces of paper, each listing a reason.  She took that idea, with a cup she made a cover for and papers that said all the reasons she loves home schooling.  Tears.  Joy.  

David captured the emotion.  I can't wait to start reading them, which she said I had to wait until we started school again.

My sweet Mayah bought me a gift.  It was a lovely mug for my coffee and tea.  I used it Christmas Day!

Leah getting a kiss...David surprised me with a Kindle Fire!  WOW!!!

Emma helping me open a gift.

Daddy's turn!  This gift from the girls had layers of love!  The first layer was Chiara's.

Next was Mayah's

Finally Leah's....and she is helping...

It was the Avengers Bluray DVD.

I surprised him with new headphones...his other ones have the wires exposed!

Emma with her Minnie vacuum.  She was not so sure

Love this little helper!

Perfume from my man!

Cute picture!

David got all 3 movies he wanted this year!

David bought a juicer for all 5 of his girls....for smoothie making!!!!
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Merry Christmas - part 4

Here is the skirt and doll dress I made for Chiara.  I made them for Chiara, Mayah, and Leah.

Papa (David's Dad) made Emma her fleece blanket.  The other girls all have one.  Emma's is Tinkerbell.

Stocking time!

This is where Emma wanted to sit to open hers.

Chiara asked all year long for this book.  I was thrilled to get it for her!

Great Nana and Great Grampy opening their Omaha Steaks from my parents.  

Aunt Jessica was here this year.  Her first Christmas with her family in a very long time.  It was lovely.

Nanny and Grampy brought in HUGE gifts....cute picture!

TRUNKS!  Personalized and ready for the many many things the girls hang on to. They were filled with toys and other gifts.

Chiara making her big Friends Lego set with Aunt Jessica

Mayah's first Lego set

Me and my sweet husband. Love this guy and I love spending this time of year with him.

Aunt Jessica with three of her nieces.


It was a wonderful Christmas; it always is!  I love the joy, the food, the laughter, and the fun!!!

Hope yours was as merry as ours!