The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Back in the swing of things

Today we were back to regularly scheduled programming! Morning gym routine, school, dance, etc. 

Things went smoothly thanks to this mama taking the time over break to prepare and our family meeting last night to set the mood and prepare our minds and hearts. 

Our cleaned and prepped school room ready for school today. Including freshly sharpened number 2 pencils.
Two of the four ballerinas off to dance with their new gear! 

Here's to another day tomorrow with smiles...even if they're half smiles. 😃


I'm grateful for good friends. Those who are likeminded and raising their kiddos very much like we are. It's also more inviting to hang out with friends when you like their kids. 

This afternoon we spent time celebrating our friends son's 5th birthday and then went to see their second oldest's improve show. Such a fun time with people we care about....including their kids! 

Love these two kiddos and their friendship is adorable! 


New Year, New Goals

What if I had more time to blog? Or pee? Or sit? I'll focus on the blogging part for the purposes of this post. I hate that this sweet blog just sits here. It has for the entire 2015 year. 

I just spent the last few minutes looking at old posts and after I shed a few tears for how fast my girls have grown I was reminded how much I love capturing our special moments and memories in the making.

So, no resolutions to work out more ( I already do that). None to lose weight (pah-lease). Just one to take time no and then to write down the happenings of our happy home. 

Our jar of memories is empty today, but all too soon will be filled with movie tickets, laughter, smiles, and joy. 

Here's to a great year in 2016!



Back to School

After all the unpacking (ok, there is still more to do) we are finally able to enjoy the fruits of our my labor in the school room!  School has started!  Last week I took three days to go over expectations, schedule stuff, and have some fun.  It was relaxing and engaging.  Chiara and Mayah know the routine and other than some new curriculum for them to learn they could jump right in.  It was important and essential to talk with them alone about the example they set for the younger two.

I am excited to be typing this out after a successful first day...and it is only 1:00pm!  Our goal is to begin each day at 8:30am, but my girls were ready and working before 8am!  Chores were completed, devotions read, and each one was working on their Daily Notebooks.  I was in shock, but pleasantly so. It worked out for the best because I was able to take their "first day of school" photos before we began Bible. I had a new technique I wanted to try and this was the perfect setting to do so! For more of me photography you can check out my website or Facebook page.
This was my first time teaching three different grade levels.  As much as people think that teaching in the public schools helps me as a home school mom it really does not.  Thirty children of the same age and similar abilities is vastly different from three completely different grade levels, and don't forget about the sweet three year old who craves attention all day.

Things went fairly smoothly.  I truly enjoy our Bible time together each morning.  Emma has the most to say during this time, but we let her talk because I want to embrace her love for Jesus.  Of course it annoys her sisters when she interrupts, but a built-in lesson in patience is perfect when growing up in a house with four girls! We are using Grapevine Studies again and I love that everyone can participate in the lesson.  We finish up our study on Jesus this week and then we will begin a study on the Old Testament.

The three "big" girls are using a program called Mango to learn Spanish this year.  It is conversational and all on the computer.  Oh yeah, and it's FREE through our public library!  It was hilarious listening to them go through their lesson this morning.  While the three girls work on Spanish I get 30 minutes of time with Emma.  Advice from my wise mentor.  The little one gets Mommy was great!  We worked on a nursery rhyme activity from a  printable I have.  It was Jack and Jill.  Lots of coloring and talking.  We did ordering and using a glue stick appropriately.  All the while she was having fun and my attention.  Her photo this morning says "1st Day of Kindergarten", but I do not have a preschool one and really she will do about two years of Kindergarten work anyway.  Being the fourth she is already ahead of where I would expect any child her age to be!

When Spanish is completed I turned into a human pinball machine!  Today will not be the norm, but I was needed to help with logins and workload for Spelling and Mayah just started Teaching Textbooks so she wanted a little direction.

Leah gets the majority of my direct teaching because we started her with First grade curriculum this year.  She basically taught herself to read this summer so it seemed redundant to use a Kindergarten curriculum.  Today was an easy day for her.  She was nervous this morning about how long the day would be, but after we were done she said it was fun.  Score!  It should be fun.

Mayah asked me to write a plan for her to read the Frozen Junior Novel, so I did.  Chiara is starting the classic Treasure Island.  They are doing Language Arts together this year.

It was the first day so work was short and "easy".  As it should be the first day.  Chiara and I consulted her math text book and we decided together to change her plan up for the first couple of chapters because it is all review and math is her strongest subject.  I know she will need the time to devote to reading and writing right now anyway.

I have a few things I may tweek, but all-in-all it was a great first day back to school.  I am just over the moon that I can stay home and teach these smart, funny, and inquisitive girls!  Now, off to the gym for a good run!


My new closet

I never knew I could get so excited over a closet, but I am!!! It has been an amazing transformation! Not even recognizable from when we first viewed this house with our agents.
I had a vision when I walked into this house and I just love seeing one project get there!!!! The system we used is by closetmaid at Home Depot. Middle if the road for in store pricing...certainly more than a wire rack system but completely worth it. I believe the entire closet, which is approximately 5 ft by 13 ft, cost under $700!!!! The system we had quoted was over $3,300 so we certainly made the right decision!!! 
Two final pieces will be a full length mirror on the wall and a gun safe in the corner. 
Check out some befores and the after:
We had no idea the rack was being held up bc there was so much stuff blocking it! Seriously, a vision!
David demoing...which is when we decided to take everything out, have it re textured and painted!!! 
So pretty!!!!


Hard work pays off!

Some how I deleted a post about my fitness from a year ago. Bummer. I can remember how excited I was to see a big difference in one year. 
Since then I have taken up running and I am truly enjoying the classes I take at lifetime fitness! I have met really encouraging people and their friendships mean so much to me! 
I am not quite where I want to be but each day I get closer! I never thought I would enjoy working out but I do!!!! Even better than how I feel is what it is teaching my girls! Fitness is a part of their day too! We can talk about being fit not skinny and making healthy choices when eating. My hope is that they won't hit 30 and realize how out of shape they are! Instead, they would have fitness and exercise be part of their life.
Here's to continued transformation in 2014!!


Making the old new

If you have been on Pinterest at all you have probably seen how many people are painting their cabinets in lieu of buying new ones. It is not difficult just time consuming and a bit lengthy. We do not have a large kitchen so painting them white would open the space up and we thought it would look great with our new GE slate colored appliances!
David borrowed a paint sprayer fro a friend to make painting the cabinet doors quicker and easier. 
Painting the cupboard part was easy. Even after a couple coats of primer we could see and feel the difference! It just felt cleaner!! Of course the yellow wall color was really showing. 
Primed and ready to be sprayed! 
Sexy sprayer guy!!! Of course we are doing this in over 100 degree heat!!!!
Let's not forget all new hardware! The original style....yes original to the not made any longer because it is over thirty years old, so we bought hinges and knobs we liked but it meant drilling all new holes! It was a two night process interrupted by David traveling for work!
The results were great!!! This is a photo taken after we hung only what is seen here. Notice we were still without a full size fridge!!! 
Gorgeous!!!  Even better when David was able to get the microwave up!!!! All just in time for a special princess birthday party!!!! 
Yup, love it!!!!