The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


A BIG Milestone...I was not ready for!

When it comes to firsts I can honestly say I do not want to miss a single is that I keep missing firsts with my first??!!! Well, this first was a big one in her eyes. She had been talking about loosing a tooth for some time-a downside I guess to having lots of older friends. When we discovered it was loose she was in tears....of JOY! It was hilarious to see such happiness from this thing that was causing her mother such pain. How much faster can she possibly grow up??? Ugh.

Well, while I was away this weekend it came out! Nanny, my Mom, was witness to this great milestone....lucky her! When I spoke with Chiara I could see her smile through the phone.

I am still noticing it so much. I sit/stand across from her to teach her each day and I find myself staring at it. It is a different feeling that her first tooth coming in, which I know was a big moment in this house for David and me. This is making me see her grow up. It's right there...this little space in her mouth showing me 5 1/2 years have gone by in the blink of an eye....or is it the wiggle of a tooth?

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First Night of Awana

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This year BOTH girls will attend Awana! Chiara was so excited to move up to Sparks and we were all excited that Mayah could join Cubbies. Awana is a blessing to our family- a way to get the girls involved with something during the week that is totally God-focused. They love all the games, fellowship, lessons, puppets, joy, and teachers.
David and I enjoyed having a little one on one with Leah.
I showed up early to watch my sweet Mayah in her class. She never saw me, which was the plan, and I could see how much fun she was having. She was able to recite her memory verse and Cubbies motto (Jesus Loves me). I am so proud of Chiara for memorizing ALL of John 3:16. I can really see a maturation in her when it comes to talking about her relationship with Christ. I love it!!!!


Our Little Gymnast!

This summer Chiara was finally old enough to take Cathie White's gymnastics class through Parks and Rec. We were so excited. It was a great way to keep her active while dance was not in session. She really seemed to enjoy the activities and learned some new skills.

Warming up!
Check that out!!!! I was so proud of her! She really left this class with more flexibility that she started.
The class.

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First Day of School

All the materials were ready.....I was very excited to get started because I knew the girls were BEYOND ready to get back to a structured day. I am glad we took off some time to just 'be' this summer, but I was starting to notice that they were misbehaving more and more. Too much time to get in trouble.
The first day was a HUGE success!!! The first few weeks is more about establishing routine and figuring out how to manage Miss Leah during school time. Yesterday she watching 2 learning videos, Meet the Numbers and Meet the Sight Words. I love hearing her counting while I am teaching. She is still learning how to occupy herself for longer than 5 minutes at a time.
It would not be the first day of school without cookies! I love that I can find a way to carry on this great tradition! My mother used to take the first day of school and bake cookies ALL day for us! I just loved it....the memories of coming home to a house FILLED with cookies just bring warmth to my heart. The girls helped make the cookies and they loved that!

When Daddy came home for dinner the girls shared cookies with him and told him about their day. I always love hearing what they remember.....and what they forget! Later in the evening Chiara shared all her work with him.
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Beginners Luck!

The other evening David and I introduced Chiara to Monopoly. She said she had played once with an older friend, but did not seem to understand the concept. All she knew was she had little money and no houses. Wow, was that ever going to change!

It is fun to have these times at night with her. No interruptions from her sisters - just big girl time. We usually only have about 30 minutes. Some times we read, watch a favorite tv show, play cards, and definitely cuddle!

I thought she was ready to play Monopoly.....she was! She seemed to grasp an understanding of the basics and David did a great job coaching her as we went along. He would pay for that....literally!

I have such great memories of playing Monopoly with my family.....I am sure my siblings do too. Like watching The Cosby Show or Wheel of Fortune, it seems to be an American pastime.

Well, Chiara schooled her parents! She had an entire street that we were terrified to go down, David was wiped out of cash, and I had to mortgage a property! Even though we did not "finish" the game....we were finished! Needless to say, Chiara can't wait to play again!

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Back to School Time

The public schools open Monday, August 9th and the charter school opens August is definitely back to school season here in Casa Grande! The stores are packed, the mall is busier than ever, and the weather is cooling down....ok, well, 2 out of 3 are true!

Each of my friends have bought new clothes/uniforms, school supplies, lunch goodies, etc. All the things you do to get ready for another year.

I started thinking about our back to school prep. We have plenty of supplies (seriously, I think pencils are mating in my house!), no need for "new" clothes or any special shopping-though I do take the girls each year to pick a new notebook and we always need more glue sticks! Our back to school prep consists more of some serious deep cleaning of the house. I am very aware that as a home schooler I am not going to have that immaculate and ordered house I have always dreamed of (give it about 20 years!). So, in order to keep my sanity during the school year I find myself scrubbing the floors of the bathrooms, reorganizing, purging, etc.

I do love home schooling, but I also like a clean house. This is the best way I have found to balance the two. So, instead of being out there waiting in lines and spending money I am seeing clean floors, showers, tubs, etc. I can handle that!


Two minus one equals one worn out Mama

David has had lots of travel these days. The girls are getting older so one would think maybe it would get easier.....nope. By the end of the day I am DONE. Leah is fast approaching 2 and acts like it more and more each day. She is demanding, fixating on things, and expressing her emotions...ALL of them. Mayah is just sad more lately. She really does love her Daddy and has very little concept of time. When I tell her that Daddy will be home in 3 days that could mean 3 weeks to her. Ugh. Chiara gets sad too, but she is Mommy's little helper and just goes with what is happening.

I am thrilled that David has a job that is rewarding and I can see the joy it has brought him. Love that! However, I can see the toll it takes on our family. My heart goes out to military families who live a life even more intense than this. The coming and going it just a lot to take on.

I had always wanted 4 children and since we do not have another one as of yet I am thinking it is for the best. I cannot imagine being pregnant or have an infant and try to manage all that goes into the day to say business of the house. I think it would be too much for me and too much on our entire family.

I know I will look back on this season and be able to pick out the blessings. I know when I look back the season will have been a short one. I know after this season ends I will feel better having made it through.

For now though I am in the midst of this season....some days treading water with big gulps of air and other days floating on my back and enjoying the scenery. Most days I am happy to have just managed to stay above the water and end the day with three happy girls.