The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Tea for Three

The big girls asked if they could have a tea party today....sure! But you have to let Leah play. They used the plastic set today, because I could just see a very broken ceramic set if I had let them use the one they received for Christmas.

They set out the blanket, prepared their tea cups and such and I got the water. Oh the water! I believe Leah thinks that tea is a synonym for bath!!!! I told the big girls to just have fun with it....and they did!

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Camping with Daddy in the Backyard!

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David has been talking about taking the girl camping for some time. So, I borrowed a tent from some friends in Mi CASA (thanks Vickroys!!) and they camped out in our backyard. I thought it would be a good introduction to camping for them and for David with them. After peeing about 17 times each they finally settled in for the night....only 9:30pm! I am proud of my little 'night light kind of girls' for sleeping outside in the dark. Only up once to pee at 2AM and David telling Mayah to go back to sleep at 5AM...not too bad.

Where was I???? Inside, in my comfy bed and air conditioned house. Leah was staying in her crib so someone needed to be inside....duh!

I think we are highly considering a tent for our family now......I never would have thought!

PFA-Promotion to Kindergarten Class

Sunday we all went to second service at our church. We usually go to first because second falls during lunch and nap times. It is just not convenient. Well, this past Sunday was the promotion ceremony for all those kids who were moving up. Chiara was able to participate because she will be Kindergarten age....she still finds this very confusing because academically we finished Kindergarten already.

We had both Chiara and Mayah sitting in service with us. There is nothing that brings tears to my eyes than looking over at these two beautiful girls and watching them praise the Lord. Mayah clapping to the song with her little hands and Chiara trying to sing along makes my eyes well up. I could barely look over at them! The one time I dared Chiara was raising her hands in worship and I lost a parent you wonder what your children are learning watching you-do they understand your love for the Lord? Do they know Him? I surely can say that my children do. Sunday worship has a way of wiping all the junk away from the week.

Here Chiara is with Miss Robin. She has been a blessing for PFA and us! She loves each child that walks into "The Tab" and knows them well. Chiara is very fond of her and I know she will miss praise and worship time with her.
Chiara in front of the train.....she loves the train! Each child received a wonderful Bible. From Genesis to Revelation! I love it! They wrote her name in it....little things like that make kids feel so special.
We had planned a simple little lunch after, but it turned into an Olive Garden feast! We laughed and had a joyful time celebrating Chiara's promotion! The girls even enjoyed some chocolate gelato! Yum!!
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A Fishy Experience

David bought the girls their very own fishing rods. Chiara has a Barbie one and Mayah has Lightning McQueen (of course!). They frequent places like Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, and REI, but this was the real deal!!!

He took them to Desert Breeze Park in Chandler to have their first fishing experience. They loved it! The Lord blessed them with a great man nearby that gave them some of his Catfish bait....and Chiara caught one!!!!!!!!!!

She is a lot like her mother and did not need to get too close!
Mayah, on the other hand, may have kissed it if we had asked her to!
Catfish for was not that bad. The girls tried some, but wanted their grass fed beef burgers...can't blame them! Great job to David for making his first fresh fish for dinner!
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Family Fun Saturday

David did not want to spend Saturday hanging out at home so we took the girls up to Chandler for some time at the mall, lunch, and a surprise trip to Desert Breeze Park. They have been before to ride the train, carousel, picnic with Grampy and Nanny, but not just to play in the splash pad. They loved it!

I love hearing the carefree laughter and joy that comes from this type of play. Kids know how to let loose and enjoy life!!! It is simple things like this that help parents get through the tough spots with our kids. Enjoying them like this brings me such's not for everyday, but it sure does help get through the "everyday" stuff!

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Just Being a Big Girl

It is just amazing how fast time goes....I say it all the time, but this beautiful third girl we have is a constant reminder that it gets quicker every year! She is doing more things all the time, but it is not so much what she is doing, but how she is doing it. She is mastering skills so much sooner than her two big pays to have such good examples.

Here she is eating a bagel, without mutilating it. This is after eating her yogurt with a spoon-not her hands, but a spoon. Never had to teach her.
I am going to attempt potty training in the next few weeks. She is ready and so am I. I love how cute they look in their panties. Diapers are ugly. I wish I had gone cloth from the get-go.
Leah even wants to help big sister Chiara empty the dishwasher....she insists! Loudly!

I think Chiara likes the help.....building relationships, even in the simple things!
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Head Over Heels

I have three beautiful princesses that are one hundred percent head over heels for their Daddy. When he leaves for work (if they are up) there are usually tears and when he returns from work each day there is a mini celebration!!! He is greeted at the door with cheers, hugs, and kisses.

There is a special bond between father and daughter.....I know it well as I think my dad is pretty awesome! Daughters need their fathers....they need them to comfort them, guide them, show them how a boy should treat them, and just be their protector. My girls are blessed with a Daddy that is all this and more! As you can see from Chiara's sweet picture, he is "Super Dad" and that makes her super too! As I am writing this and looking at this precious drawing I just now notice that they are holding hands. Wow. There is such closeness between these two.

Moms have a different sort of relationship with their is easy to become ever-so slightly jealous of this Daddy-Daughter bond. I never would have thought I would have three daughters, but watching David with them I know it is just the way it should be!

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Willy Wonka with the Big Girls

Months ago we read Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then watched the original movie. The girls loved it and David and I enjoyed the experience. So, of course when I saw that a theater in Phoenix was putting on a Willy Wonka Production I was on top of it!!! I am so glad that I jumped on it. It was an hour and a half show (no intermission) and perfect for little ones their age. I would say it was a big step up from a high school performance (though they LOVED the Nutcracker), but not a full length production at the Dodge Theater.

Mayah was very anxious for the show to start and because she is so petite her wiggle bum was on my lap. I am so happy that she is at an age where she can handle sitting for long periods of time. She was so cute every time she clapped.
I took the girls out to Applebee's for lunch. What fun...did you know Kids Eat FREE on Wednesdays??!?!?! Well, one of them did because it was just me who bought an adult meal. Anyway, I love opportunities like this where I can teach them manners and etiquette. We all had our napkins on our laps and ate with our mouths closed.

They were both tuckered out after lunch and snoozed a bit on the car ride home. I just smiled....

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Family Fireside Fun

Our Fireside Family Night was GREAT fun!! As always David built a perfect fire...of course it was a bit smokey due to the crazy winds we have been having here lately. No one seemed to mind though!
Mayah and Colin enjoying their smores. The kids were all certainly hyped up on sugar after two or three!!!

Melissa (aka MC) making her perfect smore....charcoal style!

Here is Chiara enjoying her smore with Marissa and Madeline. There were so many high pitch screams of joy!!!!

We can't wait to do it one more time before the weather gets hot at night!

Beach Baby, beach Baby...there on the Sand...

My sweet Mayah...we have already entered the bathing suit season! This means less laundry for me and more fun for her! Last summer she spent the entire summer in a bathing suit-whether she got wet or not! I think this is her comprimise....I thinks she would rather be naked.

There are some things not worth fighting over. This is one of them. She has no problem putting clothes on over it to go out and she knows there are some times that she will have to wear clothes.

The particular suit she is wearing in the photo is from her best friend Madeline. I love that Mayah gets hand-me-downs from her younger best friend! She is such a peanut!

So, here is to less laundry and one happy 3 year old!
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