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A Parenting Shift

If I had just had my sweet Chiara, just one baby, than life would be very different....quieter I think. ;)
Mayah is my peanut and my pistol! She can drive you crazy and then turn around and have you rolling on the floor laughing. She takes work. Time. Patience.
I have decided to take a new approach with my "My-My". I am going to see her how The Lord would want me to....what is He trying to teach me? How is He trying to grow me? What lesson can I learn today by being Mayah's Mommy?
Why should there be pressure on a 2 year old to 'make me happy' or 'please me'? I have this overwhelming sense lately that God is trying to get through to me....through her! Sounds crazy, but He is.
David and I tring a new method with her. This week it is about 'attending' to her. We never realized how most of what we say to her is either a question or demand. Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever just sat with your kids and took in what they were correcting, no directions, no questioning???? Try it. It is not as easy as we thought.
What it also made me realize is she does not get enough one-on-one time with either of us. Chiara gets school time, Leah gets nursing and held often, but what does Mayah get? I hear ya Lord...loud and clear. It is something mothers are doing all across the world-balancing the needs of their children. Mayah's need is attention-just being with her. She does not really want me 'playing' with her persay, but she wants me right there. Watching her and verbally noticing her. It has made a difference already.
For those reading this who do not know my sweet number 2...she is STRONG WILLED....yes, in all caps! She requires something different from me than Chiara (leah is too hard to tell right now since she is still so young). Chiara is happy if we cuddle on the couch and read books together. She is happy if she and I sit at the table and do crafts or school work. Mayah's personality requires me to think WAY outside the box....
David and I are praying that as we progress in this new approach with Mayah we will continue to see a difference in her behavior, attitude, and actions throughout the day.
Parenting is not easy-and it is especially not easy with a strong willed child- but I would not ask for any other 'job'! I love each of my girls and look forward to God's lessons through this season.

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