The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Managing the Middle

I am a middle child and I have never felt "short-changed" by my parents, but it has made me aware of what a middle child's needs are. They have never had you all to them selves and they know it-Mayah knows it. Lately she has been seeking time with us-alone.
I was blessed today by a friend that had Chiara over for a play date-alone. Chiara is 4 and this has been so good for her. She needs her space not only from Mayah, but from me. I am mom, but I am also teacher. We both need to miss one another every so often. Anyway, these play dates Chiara goes on by herself are a double blessing. I am able to give so much more attention to Mayah. Today Leah was asleep for most of the time Chiara was gone. At first Mayah just played with the castle and princess stuff. I enjoyed just listening to her play. She has great dialogue and imagination. She has learned a lot from playing with Chiara-it was nice to hear Mayah's version of it. I can remember how much Chiara liked playing by herself when it was just her (or Mayah was an infant). Mayah does not get a lot of that kind of time and it was a gift for me to hear that today.
After I did my cleaning I invited her in to the kitchen to make cookies. She was so excited! She did not have to share putting in the ingredients. She did not have to make room for anyone on the step stool. She did not have to worry about someone else sneaking bites! We both wore aprons-she has not liked this before, but today was different. After the first batch as in the oven she went back to her princess play. I let the cookies cool a bit, poured some milk for us both and we shared warm cookies and milk. It was very special. We talked....well, she talked and I listened. I enjoy that so much more than me talking and her listening. Of course the entire conversation is about Disney still and I have heard it before, but I did not care. Everything she said was important and I wanted her to know that. I believe she did. Nothing cuter than a kid full of joy talking through a mouth full of cookies just to tell you about Mickey's house again.
I am not sure if she will always be a "middle", but for now she is and I enjoy making her feel as special as the other two.


Just some thoughts....

Well, I have not been on for some time....I wonder why??!! Maybe it is because I have 3 kids and by the end of the day I am DONE...d.o.n.e. I do love being a mom-even the bad stuff I can manage....I did not say well, but I do manage. Yes, I can admit (quietly) that I take on too much. In my head I can do all these things and accomplish so much-when the day is done and I ahve gotten barely half done I am bummed. Tonight when talking with my wonderful husband I finally realized I am constantly setting myself up to fail. I don't do all that I do for anybody-I am NOT out to impress. I could care less what others think-if I am up to par or not. At the end of the day I need to be able to rest at night(not sleep, rest). With that being is to a new season of taking on less.
Tonight before bed Chiara looked at me and told me I was the best mom....I'll take it. A good day is measured by the amount of joy we have when we go to bed...Chiara made sure to fill my tank! Good kid!
I have yet to get a post about Disney Land.....I may not get to it. Sorry. I am planning school and getting ready for our trip out east. So much planning....
Enough from me for now.....


Mom, Take Our Picture Please......

Chiara and Leah are head over heals for one another. As I write this (at 6 AM) Chiara is sitting on the floor with her baby sister, holding her hand, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The picture above is from yesterday....Chiara asked if I would take their picture....again. She just loves being around Leah, talking to her, making her laugh and smile. She wants to feed her, but we are waiting a bit on that as Leah is still so knew at it. I love seeing Leah's face light up when Chiara comes around. Chiara tells me that Leah loves her....she also interprets her yells and babble! So cute!

Chiara was so young when Mayah was born she did not get to experience all this.....I am so glad we had another baby. Even with the day to day craziness, the lack of sleep, and the absence of alone is great! We are blessed beyond measure.


Leah's Four Month Appointment

Has it really been 4 months…..oh my!

Here are the stats from today:
Weight- 15 lbs 6.5 oz, 96th percentile
Length- 25 1/4 inches, 97th percentile
Head Circumference- 16 3/4 inches, 94th percentile

To give you some perspective Chiara weighed 14 1/2 pounds and Mayah was actually the same weight as Leah at TWO months (she is so my peanut!) Mayah did not weigh as much as Leah now until she was about 7/8 months old!
Leah and Chiara were the same length at 4 months-Mayah was 2 inches shorter! LOL! Love it!!!! God has really created them all perfectly!

Dr Madrid was pleased that Leah is eating organic rice cereal and loves it! You should see her open her mouth for it. I still chuckle every time I give it to her….I have to remind myself that she is only 4 months old. She is not rolling yet, but it is hard with that big head! HA! He always says how beautiful my girls are…I think so too!

He also took the time to talk to Chiara and Mayah…what an earful he gets. The PA in training got quite a show today. Chiara filled him in on everything and Mayah talked softly…WHAT?! Yes, Mayah talked softly…..can Dr. Madrid come live with me???!!! :) We are blessed with a pediatrician who takes the time with my children and gets to know them….reminds me a lot of my pediatrician.

We will be back there in a few weeks for her immunizations (they were out???!!!) and Chiara's four year old appointment…..four…seriously…!



The New Season Has Begun

A new season of motorcycle racing has begun-it started today with World Superbike. I do not know all of the names of the drivers, but I do know at least the manufacturers of the bikes-go Suzuki! I never thought I would enjoy watching a motorcycle race-well, to be honest I really only like watching the beginning and end. The last two laps are exhilirating! Usually it is one to three guys fighting for the lead.
With all that said the most exciting part of the whole race was before it even started. Chiara could not wait to sit down with her Dad and watch racing. Listening to her ask a million questions and be so concerned when someone would lose control of the bike and off the track they went-was cool. It was genuine. She loves her Dad. She loves that he drives a motorcycle. (Don't worry Mom-I told her she can't get one until she is 30 like her Dad). She wanted to know if he went as fast during his track day.....he wishes!
Looking at the two of them on the couch made me stop. Stop to see another daughter who loves her Daddy (yeah, I do too). A daughter who thinks her Dad is cool and shows a genuine interest in what he likes (I never really liked watching the Bruins, but my Dad did so I did). It was beautiful-I took a picture. There may come a day when we will need to pull this picture out and all look at it....especially us parents.
It was nice to see Mayah join the group-FYI, be happy she at least had panties on! She will not sit on the motorcycle like Chiara, but she is the one glued to the front door waiting to watch him ride home on it. She likes to help him take off his boots and put away his things. Sweet.
As I sit here writing this I am stopping to thank God for making our family perfect. For knowing who was needed to make us complete. Each unique thing about our girls is just right....even the things we don't like sometimes-like Chiara not being quiet so David could listen to anything about the race! LOL! Her mother's daughter, huh?!
Not sure about Leah yet....but I can't wait to find out!!!