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Happy Valentines Day!

Love, Love Love.....ahhh, the Beatles had it right!

This house is FULL of love!!! Last night David and I set up the table for today-something we do for Valentines Day and Easter usually. It was decorated with beautiful roses and lots of cards/gifts. I love how excited they get when they come downstairs in the AM.

To my surprise when I came down there was a Helzberg bag....our favorite jewelry store! What?! David bought me a beautiful silver link bracelet with an "I am Loved" it!!!! Love him!!!! I am loved...I am blessed!

I love that David picked out the music cards for the girls himself and decided to give his two big girls a red rose-they were quite in love with mine. We also picked out books for each of them-they cannot have food with dyes so it makes things diffucult. We love books anyway.

Nanny and Grampy sent their favorite character cards, cookies (dye free!), and matching shirts for all 3!! Grandma sent cute cards with stickers-Mayah's were stuck on everything within moments....ugh. Great Nana and Grampy Day sent cards with a the girls it is like receiving $100! Love it! Great Nana and Grampy Morin sent a set of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse learning books! Fun!!!

I made a new breakfast treat-sticky buns! Sticky and delicious...David had to stay away. :( Mayah and I loved them. Chiara tried them but she is still not feeling 100%. I know she is looking forward to Nanny's home made chicken soup. Thanks Nanny.

I am hoping I can post the web album of pictures on the link below

What a great way to start the day!!!!

Valentines Day Pictures

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