The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


A Big Moment!!!

Chiara informed her father tonight that he had to take her training wheels he did! To our amazement and surprise she just rode! Yes, a few bumps-the backyard only allows so much space and plenty of turning practice-but she was fantastic! So proud of herself!!!! I can remember my parents teaching me to ride without training wheels (though I seemed older than Chiara is now...just shy of 6 years old) so I know this is a memory she will keep with her!

She was glowing with excitement and joy!!!
Mayah asked me to take her picture too....of course!
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Hungry Caterpillar Craft

With three busy girls we do not find as much time for fun little crafts anymore. Each of the girls will create something on their own, but as far as an organized craft time we just do not do it much.

With some leftover eggs cartons I decided it would be easy to make some hungry caterpillars and read the story (they have all heard it several times). We even have a VHS with the story that I put on during paint dry time.

I am certain Leah had more paint on HER than on her caterpillar!!!
Finished products....everyone chose their leg and antenna colors. They were all very proud!
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How Sweet It Is

Well, don't get too excited I am not revealing the gender in this post...just love these pictures. Even with this being my fourth baby I am still overwhelmed by the beauty and amazing nature of seeing our baby in the womb.

The spine...isn't it beautiful?!?!?!!? I am amazed at it's flexibility. little noses!
Arms.....can't wait to touch them and feel that soft skin!
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This picture makes me say "Hello Baby!"

I have been thinking lately about how this is the last little one I feel kick and move in me. How this is the last time I will see my belly all big and round (you would think that would thrill me!), how this is the last one I will nurse. As much as I know our family will be complete it is things like this that pull at my heart strings. It is not that I want another after this, but I am just trying to resolve the feelings that this will be my last_______. I know what I am feeling is about me-sort of a selfish feeling. I can honestly say the only reason we would have a 5th is because of the way I feel about the things listed above....not because our family is not done. So, over the next months I will enjoy every moment-yes, even feet in ribs, not being able to bend over or paint my toes. I will embrace nursing with every ounce of my body.

Just Plain Old Fun

One thing about kids that I love is that it does not take must for them to be entertained....ok, maybe that is not true for all kids. My girls truly do enjoy being together, playing together, and laughing together. I find that kids "these days" do not have to have an imagination like we did growing up. Either a tv is on, video games, movies, an overload of toys, etc. My girls have all those things, but in moderation.

I was cleaning the kitchen when I heard a commotion of laughter and fun. I grabbed my camera and went to see.....

The girls had taken a step stool and blanket and were simply jumping off the step stool on to the blanket. Nothing fancy, nothing that makes noise or lights up...just plain old fun! They were giggling and enjoying every minute of this play.

It warms my heart knowing my girls can be creative and have fun.....even with only a step stool, a blanket, and each other!
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A Childhood Wish

My mom was quite the baker and cook when we were kids. Homemade everything! I learned to cook when I was young and enjoy it to this day. Even though my cooking/baking was fun I always desired an Easy Bake Oven. It looked so much fun! Alas, I never received one. A dream lost.


A friend approached me saying she had one in perfect condition that her daughter was done with and thought of me and my 3 girls! I really felt God reminding me that He pays attention to everything about us! We gave the girls the Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. We had only had to purshace the food packets. Most have yellow dye, but we can make an exception for that once in awhile.

So, the big girls and I got started.

Rolling the chocolate chip cookie dough
All ready to put into the oven...they were so happy and proud that they could do it all by themselves!

Enjoying the fruits of their labor! Ok, so the taste was not great, but it surely did fulfill this big girls dreams!
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