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My Thoughts for Father's Day

I enjoy Father's Day-though I truly hope that both my own father and my husband feel loved and appreciated each day of the year.
As I sat with David tonight-alone at a late dinner-I asked him about this past year of being a dad and what he has learned. It was a nice reflection on the changes that have taken place not only within our family, but within ourselves. David is a very present father, not many seem to be that way. I would not know any different. My father was always around, always involved, and always present. I married David because I had a dad that did more than just provide for his family. My Dad was about family. He was about teaching...even if it was with a red pen sometimes!
I can remember spending time at the dining room table with him working on math or editing a paper. Playing basketball outside. Watching hockey-even though I did not like it. (wink) For one of my birthdays we were at the store and he bought me a single red rose-that moment had more of an impact on my life than he ever knew. I remember him being angry with me for making bad decisions. Punishing me for lying. I can remember the hug he gave me before he and mom left Vermont my freshman year of college. I smile watching the video of him walking me down the aisle and our father-daughter dance together. I smile even more, and get a bit teary-eyed too, when I see my girls run to be with him.
My dad could teach many dad's some lessons out there....

So Dad, this year I did not get you a card, because hallmark just would not cut it. Happy Father's Day-I hope you know the impact you have had on my life.

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