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Fifteen Years Later

Every couple has a story. Ours is the best though! (I certainly hope everyone feels that way about theirs!)  I will never say that a long distance relationship is easy, but I will say that I am glad we went through it.  Going every 8 to 10 weeks seeing each other when you are "young and in love" is no small task, and of course this is before the social media craze hit.  No Facebook.  No instant messaging.  No Skype.  Phone, letters, and checking email between every class!

Our official "second date" was Valentines Day, 1998 after last seeing each other January 2nd.  I knew I was in love with David when he dropped me off at my house after our New Year's in New York, but I knew he was really in love with me when he made the trip to Vermont.

I realize 15 years is not very long in the grand scheme of things (even though it is forever times 3, right Dadv??!!?  hee hee hee), but when I think about all the events surrounding our relationship in those 15 years I am in awe.  

Fifteen years later here we are.  Four kids girls! Married 11 1/2 years.  A life together that we both love.  Every Valentines Day we reminisce about that second date.  We laugh.  We smile.  We look forward to many many more Valentines Days together!

Here we are...then and now!

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Our Valentines Day 2013

Valentines Day was a bit different this two big girls were not here for the day (at a home school program 30 minutes away!) and David was HERE, not in Alaska!  I still had the traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast for the girls, but we had all decided to have a dinner celebration this year so we could all be together.
It was a great day that turned into a great evening....we really love this simple little holiday around our home!

My sweet husband has been sending me roses for so long....these gorgeous red ones smell beautiful!!
David also buys each of his girls one single rose.  Love it.  We laughed this year because he realized he has created "flower snobs".  Hilarious.  Chiara does not want store bought flowers, because her Daddy gets them from 3G Flowers (a local florist).  He is certainly setting a high standard for any boy who attempts to date his daughters! Got to love that!!!!

Before dinner the girls opened cards and such that were sent by Nanny & Grampy, Great Nana & Grampy Day, and Grandma.

Here is Emma with a CareBear from Nanny & Grampy!  So excited!

Money to feed their dinosaurs!


After opening all their goodies the girls called Nanny and Grandma to say thank you and Happy Valentines Day.  Then...dinner!

Daddy got a rainbow Dash card from his sweet Leah Jo!

Opening the  card from my sweet a sea of roses!  We both bought each other the "You&Me" series of cards!  Best friends.  Yes we are!

Another tradition...chocolate covered strawberries!


David surprised me with a gift-normally we do not exchange gifts.  This was unexpected.

A glock.  Yes, I own a gun.  It's mine.  Someday it will be painted pink.  

Last, but not least, we headed out for a date!  Alone. No kids. Drinks were had. A grown up movie.

I love this guy!  I love our life!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
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Preparing for Valentines Day!

I realize that Valentines Day is a very commercialized "Hallmark" holiday.  I also realize that I am greatly blessed to have a family that is overflowing with love all the time that we really do not need a day to express our love.  Celebrating Valentines Day brings David and I joy because of our history with the day and the joy it brings to our girls.

This year the girls have two Valentines Parties!!!  Since they are enrolled in a home school program in the Kyrene School District they had a "school" party, which I think they called "Friendship Day".  Silly.  We also have a home school (Mi CASA) party on Friday.  Lots of Valentines to be made.  I would like to say we went handmade and all that....nope.  Store bought fun in a box!  Chiara was a bit disappointed, but managed to make a few homemade ones for her Dad and I.

Lots of smiles

I am SO proud of Leah.  Four years old and she wrote her name on every single valentine.  All 27 of them!

Mayah working independently.  

Of course Emma was there for all the fun....what would a project be without having to clean up the mess she makes!  
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