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Being a Parent Changes EVERYTHING!

No, I am not a hypocrite. I would like to think I have gotten wiser over the years and on top of that the Lord has shown me show much since I was an independent, "all knowing" teenager! Why is it that when you grow up and change the same people that wanted you to grow up and change now they think you are either a hypocrite or judging others???? What is that?
I think, PRAISE GOD I am not "Jen Day"...she made HUGE mistakes and thought mostly of herself. She was kind and loving, she cared about others and such, but she did not have the weight of 3 precious girls lives in her hands. She did not have to worry about explaining divorce or death to them. She did not have to struggle with how to tell her father in law that he and his girlfriend cannot sleep here if they visit this winter because we do not want our girls thinking that is ok. Oh...I hear you? There are those people shouting "HYPOCRITE!!!"
My parents taught me to learn from my mistakes.....the Lord has shown me to use His word to stand upon. I am not a hypocrite. I have learned the pain and struggles that come from the decisions I have made. I have been witness to my own marriage fighting for breath. I will not be the one who puts that on my children. It stops here.
So, will those voices still call out 'hypocrite'?? Yes. Will I hear them? No.

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  1. Hey Jen, I am still taking a bit of a blog break, but I wanted to see what you were up to. Great post! I agree, and I;m sure I am called a hypocrite too. But I guess I deserve it, cause I used to call my brother one before I knew the Lord. He had already learned from his mistakes and was trying to save me from doing the same. He is the one that introduced me to Jesus. I guess some of us have to learn from experience. yuck! I am so glad I no longer live that life. And I continue to thank Jesus for the new life he has given me.
    Blessings, Molly


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