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Before I gain I want to lose

It really is no secret that David and I are going to try for one more precious blessing to be added to our family-well, and if it were a secret than writing it on my blog certainly makes it not! I never thought I would want to have four children....I always thought I would be quite content with just two children. Even when we had Chiara I didn't really think that we would have more than 2 and I can tell you I do not really enjoy being pregnant (especially since the last 2 pregnancies have gone through the AZ summers). It's just so hard to verbalize the desire that burns in my heart for each of the children we have had. I cannot say "God spoke to me and said to have 4 children"-I am not saying that He does not speak that to some women in that regard just not me. I am still surprised some days that I would even want to try to have another one.
With all that being said I have made a goal to get back to...or as close as what I weighed before having Chiara. I would like to say that is the same weight I was when I was in high school or even college (I never really gained the freshman 15!), but it is not. Having babies seems to redistribute my places that are hard to conceal. I don't really need people telling me I already look great and that I do not look like I need to lose weight....thanks, but that does not help. I know what I weigh and I know what I should weigh.
I will not beat myself up if I do not get back to that post baby weight (and for all of you who have after each kid...thank your mother for good genes!). I am going to try though. I would love to say that I enjoy working out, but I do not. Never really have-well, except freshman year of college. Loved it. the most exercise I get these days is cleaning, carrying around a kid, or playing Wii Sports. I enjoy the elliptical we have, but time is something that I am having a tough time giving up to get on it. I already get up at 5:30AM and will not get up earlier to work out. Nope. However, I know that I can 'give up' my quiet time/Mommy time a few days a week to get on there. I love that time though which is why I have yet to sacrifice it to work out. I have changed all my eating habits since the beginning of January and I have lost almost ten pounds-without working out! I feel better and I can even fit in some pants that I have missed terribly!
I am giving myself 4 more months to lose 15 more pounds. I am chuckling to myself as I type that out, but like I said before, I am not going to beat myself up if I do not.


  1. I feel you! I am committed to working out and losing 10 pounds. I feel like I need to be nice to my body, after all, I have been nursing and pregnant since September 2005! I am thinking about making a running blog, to try and stay true to myself. It's something I should be able to do with the girls on nice days.

    I know exactly how you feel! Exactly!

  2. You go girl! Work it! Have you tried the exercise dvd Turbo Jam? It's my fav for getting rid of that baby love redistribution party going on in my body. And Wahoo for the thought of a baby #4. Melinda


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