The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Nail Night With the Girls

The girls and I had an at home "spa" night....they loved it! I did their toes and fingernails and then I let them do my toes! They have never painted toes before...ever. It brought me joy to see how much fun they were having...and really, it's not like I can even see my toes!

My before and after
The girls painted pretty....even Leah got her toes purple!
Our finished product and the girls doing my nails. I love the memories we are making!

Chiara's Church Promotion

This weekend our Church had a promotion ceremony for the Kindergartners because they are leaving the 'Heartland' ministry and entering 'Reel Time'. We have only been at this church since October, but we really feel at home here and I can tell the girls do because Chiara really wanted to attend this function.
It was cute. the kids sang us a couple songs, recited John 3:16, were given gift bags, had a chance to see some of what Reel Time is about, and then a little celebration...with sugar of course!

This is Chiara with Miss Kathy, the main teacher for the class. One thing I absolutely love about Cornerstone is that they make it a point to know each kid, by name.
Chiara with her certificate and graduation monkey.
Getting ready to sing us "Yes Lord"
Watching and listening to our girls praise the Lord is such a gift. Yes, tears in my eyes.


Camera Fun With the Girls

I love my new camera!!!!!!!!! I love taking pictures of my girls and it really is even more fun with my Canon. Yesterday, we went outside after lunch to enjoy this great cool weather and I snapped some great shots.

Here is Chaira helping to teach Miss Leah how to use her peddles on her trike.
The flower Mayah picked from one of our bushes.
Leah and her friend the fly. I wanted to swat it away and she wanted to play with it.
This was from last week. I always call out "who wants to help mom with the laundry?" and Leah has been volunteering lately. Love it!
After our afternoon of fun outside Miss Leah crashed on the floor while the big girls and I caught up with Dancing With the Stars.


A Man Made to Father Girls

David and I are coming up on our 10th wedding anniversary, but we have known one another for about 14 years now. We both knew very early (like, right away) that we were going to marry. Love at first sight, total romance, all that great movie stuff but REAL! We both wanted children and always talked about having four....neither one of us had any idea that could mean four girls.

Well, it did! There are times I like to sit back and just watch him interact with the girls-no, not in a let me show me how you are doing it wrong way, but he is different with them and they are so very much head-over-heels for him! I am still surprised that EVERY day he comes home from work is still a mini celebration.

It seems that today was Leah's "Daddy Day". There are days like this for all of them where they just seem to want Daddy....for everything. I am pretty sure I heard Leah walk right into the bathroom today on David. Just had to be with him. I caught them each playing a handheld video game today on the couch. Super cute. And tonight David was at the table working on his paper (he is in school for his Masters Degree) and Leah left my lap, picked out a book, and plopped herself on her Daddy's lap. He stopped what he was doing and read to could I not get up and capture that???? It makes my heart sing. I fully believe these girls will know their Daddy loves them because of little things like this.

Reading together

Checking out Daddy's game
Both in their own worlds, but together
Some pictures just say...LOVE.


People have this misconception that when you have all girls you are "missing out" on something. I have never felt that way. Our three girls have very diverse personalities and all seems to have a great blend of being girlie and being...well, not so girlie. They will wrestle, play with dinosaurs and trains, shove and push one another, laugh at bodily noises, and get waaaay dirtier than I ever imagined little girls could!

I see no need to confine them to some definition of "girl". They surely are girlie enough all on their own, but even without a brother around they have this great sense of balance in their personalities.


Mother's Day 2011

I am not just Mom, I am Mommy. There is a big difference. Mommy comes with tenderness, compassion, and little ones.....yes, little ones. I have three of the most beautiful girls who are smart, funny, and assertive. They all have their times of wanting to cuddle, wanting to talk with me, and wanting to play. They are all individuals. They are each building their own personal relationship with Christ that I love being a part of.

This Mother's Day I carry with me our fourth precious daughter. Feeling her EVERY movement today reminds me that each of these girls were once growing inside my womb; part of me. That alone brings joy. I have never felt that I am missing out on anything for not having a son, because I have great peace that this is exactly what our family was supposed to be.

I love being Mommy. The job is never ending, exhausting, and painful, but it comes with rewards that are immeasurable.

Mommy with her three girls. The shirts read "You are My Sunshine"-they are from Nanny, but I had them in them today because they really do light up my life!
This was taken the night before Mother's Day.....they love one another-now that is a true Mother's Day gift!
Mommy and Mayah. She is as strong-willed as they come, but I would not want to change her. She always wants just one extra hug and kiss-so much love to give. She is still our peanut and has the most energy of anyone in this house!
Mommy and Leah. She is feisty and quite silly. She loves getting her sisters to laugh at her little noises or sayings. Because she is almost 2.5 yrs I am watching her change right before my eyes each day. She wants to be heard and involved with everything "big girl".
Mommy and Chiara. The one who started it all...and as you can see from her note below she loves that! She is smart and sensitive. Her empathy continues to impress me. She has a mothering nature that I know will only grow and strengthen as she gets older.
Chiara's little Mother's Day love note to me.......her heart is so big!!!

I still can't believe this is my sixth Mother's Day. I remember the first one, spending it in Michigan at a friend's wedding and sharing our new daughter with our friends that had become like family to us. Six years later, 3 girls with another on the way......I never could have imagined this, but I am loving it all!


My Mother's Day/10 Year Anniversary Gift

David and the girls blessed me with a wonderful gift this year for Mother's Day (and an anniversary gift too)- a new camera! Not just another point and click, but a DSLR, Canon T2i!!!!! I have been wanting to invest in a "real" camera for some time now-eventually wanting to take a class and even learn photoshop. Well, after accidentally breaking my camera in a water incident, David decided it was time!

I am loving taking pictures and experimenting.....a bonus is I have the best models ever! Last night I tried shots outside and they came out great! I am really having so much fun.


For My Mother

There is one thing that I am sure of-my mother loves me. I have never doubted that...even in the worst of times. Sure, I contributed to those gray hairs that she now covers with blonde, and I am positive she could point out which stretch marks I gave her but I know she loves me.

I always refer to my mom as a "Mom's Mom". She was born into the role-helping to raise her younger brothers. When her mother talks about my mom in that role it is nothing but praise and joy. Maybe that would surprise my mom. She went from big sister/mom to mom to nanny with ease.

I know leaving the role as "full time mom" was emotionally tough on her, but over the past few years I have seen Bea come is fun to get to know her outside of that role. When you are a kid you don't realize that your mom is a person.....then of course I became a mom and had the 'a-ha' moment. I can now see how many sacrifices she made for us....real sacrifices of herself for us. Funny how things that happened 20 years ago (or more) can be lessons for the here and now.

Now, my mom is Nanny to my girls and I adore her in this role. There is no better Nanny out there. It's like watching the fun side of your own mom all the time. We love having her vacation with us, join us for special activities, and be around for as much as possible. When you are a kid you just want your parents to be all fun, but they can't. So, when you can have them around to be grandparents it is great-finally the all fun begins.

So, here's to you mom...Happy Mother's Day!