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I'm a Barbie Girl.....In a Barbie World!

My parents brought a HUGE bin of all the Barbie items that were saved from my childhood. I am impressed at how well they have kept (for the most part-we did have to lose a Ken or he would have become an amputee) and how much my mom saved. Of course when you are a kid you never think that maybe someday your kids will play with your toys-I am not sure if my mom thought about it, but I am just so happy she kept them!

As Chiara and I went through the bin a million memories of playing with my sister came flooding back. I could remember each outfit as I picked them up and bits and pieces of dialogue we would have our Barbies participating in. Amazing. I would say that as a kid they were my favorite toys.

This summer I took the girls out to Walmart to buy their friend a birthday gift of Barbie clothes. I stood there staring at the outfits in disgust. Is there a cost reduction on fabric so we need to make everything skimpy? There must be a surplus on plastic because the shoes are all "hooker" shoes. I stuck with the pajama items because they seemed the least revealing. I know that not everyone holds our opinions about modesty, but David and I have pretty strict guidelines on this. We have no problem with Barbie, I just think the clothes from the 80's covered more. I was right.....they did.

When we went through the bin there were some mini skirts from Barbie and the Rockers and a bikini, but everything else covered. Love the evening gowns! Some were strapless, but they covered. I had told David about the collection I had and we were thrilled that my mom was willing to let the girls have these. Not only does it save us TONS of money, but we can stand by what we say-trust me, their dress up is even to be modest.

Regardless of ALL of that, Chiara and Mayah have been having a blast and I have even been able to join in the fun too! Chiara and I set up a great barbeque reunion for the ladies! It was great!

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  1. Such sweet memories Jen! And I'm so with you on the modesty thing. Too much hoochie mamma stuff out there for kids these days. Good for you to stick to your guns!


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