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Go Speed Racer, GO!

OK, I have come a long way! I really enjoyed watching David on the track.....actually, I thought it made him EVEN MORE attractive! Seriously. :)

I never would have thought that I would have daughters who would love watching motorcycles race around a track.....they loved it even more than I did! When the track was hot (motorcycles on it) it was quite loud and they were not bothered at all. Cool. They sat there in awe...especially watching David drive by. Mayah was yelling to him...hilarious!

My parents came too....very cool. My mom has always been pretty vocal (who, my mom?! LOL!) about her feelings towards motorcycles so her coming to support David meant the world to me. Yeah Mom!

David rode on the track (in 15 minute intervals-I think once every hour) from 8 Am until 4 PM! Needless to say he came home very sore, but with that gorgeous smile on his face.

I tried my best to take pictures, but taking pictures of a moving target with a simple camera is not easy. (Thanks to my Dad for trying too). I was able to get one... and a short video. I am sure he will be posting lots on his FB page.


  1. So fun, My honey took me on my first motorcycle ride when we were dating. Totally freaked me out. But there is definately something attractive about a good guy on a bike :)

  2. Hey! So glad you are doing this, so we can keep up to date with each other while I'm out of the country! Love ya!


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