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Getting Ready

Well, less than a month later (after our disney Land trip) I am getting us ready for another trip. We are heading to NY for Easter, with a side trip to NH/MA. Of course I am going to be happy to see my brother, sister (in law), nephews, etc-but I truly hate the getting ready part. Seriously, it is a TON of work getting things ready for 5 people-especially when 3 of them are kids. :)
I have started my packing lists and today will go out and get my tissue paper for packing....oh yes, a little trick I have up my sleeve! Lots of laundry to do before we go and of course the dreaded plane ride...what will I pack for the girls?! Part of my frustration is I have to pack for cooler and changing weather.....gosh, I really do love AZ!
Well, I better get off of here because we leave on Thursday....


  1. i must know about this tissue paper trick

  2. Paper tissue trick-gold! First of all if you roll your clothes in white tissue paper your clothes do not wrinkle. What I do for the kids is roll their entire outfits together and label them for the appropriate day of the week. I could label my own, but I am not this time. It is great for dress shirts and dress pants. I even wrapped my scarfs all up . Makes for quite the neat suitcase!

  3. Wow tissue paper, I am going to have to try that. I love organization :) Well apparently I had missed your last two posts. So glad I popped in to see what you have been up to. Hope you've had a lovely vaca visiting family.


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