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David's Birthday

It does not seem like it has been 3 years since I planned David's 30th birthday party, but it has. My gorgeous husband is now 33-better looking, wiser, more loving...he just gets better all the time!

The girls had so much fun making the cake, picking out cards, and of course singing 'Happy Birthday" to him. Love it! All I did was take them to pick out cards-Chiara chose "Cars" (Pixar) and Mayah thought he would love Thomas. Actually, in the end Mayah was mad that David had the card and wanted it back! David and I laughed. The card Chiara picked out had stickers-too cute!

All I did was provide the ingredients, pour the batter, and put the cakes in and out of the oven. The girls did the rest. Awesome! They loved it. Ok, so they ate more frosting than they put on the cake, but it was made by them for their Dad. When I told David that he LOVED it! SMILE!!!

I am totally in love with this organic chocolate cake mix we buy...yum! The frosting is organic and so are the dyes! Yeah! That makes for a happy Mayah.

David opened all the cards he got from the week-it was a nice time. We ended the night with family movie night watching Barbie and the Diamond Castle. The girls were happy. So were we.

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  1. These are the sweetest memories. No pun intended. How precious are your girls baking a special cake for their daddy. On another note. We have been hearing lots about dyes lately from some of the moms @ our church. Shoot me an e-mail or make a post. I will google it ofcourse. But I would love to hear your take on this issue. I try to do organic as much as possible my Hubby is slowly joining the team. When we got married I was an organic vegitarian and he was a fastfood junkie. So now we meet in the middle but we are leaning more towards my side of the coin. lol


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