The purpose of this blog is to capture some of the high lights and low lights of just normal day to day life. Our life is loud, busy, and fast, but we love it!


Lovely Long Locks

I never thought I would care about the length of my kids hairs. Well, I do! HA! I love having their hair really long while they are young. Yes, it is much more work for me to maintain it, but I loved having long hair as a kid (thanks mom!) and now seeing my daughters with their lovely locks makes me love it more!

It is hard to tell how long Miss
Mayah's hair is getting because the Lord has given her these wild curls! I actually prefer her with curls...just suits her personality perfectly!

This is the second time I have straightened it to see how long it! It has grown so much in the past few months. It is not growing as fast as Chiara's did, but it is getting there. Mayah tells me she wants long hair like Chiara....of course Chiara knows the "pain" long hair can be.

Chiara's hair is simply gorgeous. Like her mother's youthful hair it will take to any style and you can do anything with it. I can't wait to do the princess laya mom will appreciate that! Chiara's hair takes a lot of work, for me, not her. I know some day she will love that she had these lovely long locks. And I can hear her echoing her Nanny (as her mother echos her mom) telling her daughter that a little pain a little doesn't hurt that badly.....your hair is beautiful!

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What Bubbles Can Do

My Mom's parents sent the girls a bubble machine in the mail today. Did they know they were sending a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. All 3 girls were out there dancing around, laughing, catching bubbles, singing....completely capturing childhood innocence and bliss in a moment of time. Before I took pictures I just soaked it in.....breathed it really only get to feel like that for a short time in life. A good reminder to sometimes dance with bubbles even when you are a big kid!

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Changing Before My Eyes

I love each season I have with my precious girls. Infants are easy. I love breastfeeding and when they start to smile at you. I love babbling and when they seem excited just to move their legs and arms around.

Chiara and Mayah are in different seasons and bring me such joy. More and more I see that I can talk to Chiara about new things. Exciting. Mayah is becoming such a lover and seeker of knowledge. I just love it ALL!

Miss Leah is in that discovery season. So many things are "firsts" and she seems to want to do them all at once! She watches her big sisters all day do things that are fun and exciting...she can't wait to jump in!

For the first time she wanted to dress up.....I was so excited I yelled to David to grab the camera! Super cute! She loved it!!!

Friends of ours gave Leah their daughters old Leah has a chair just like her sisters! She is so big!!! Of course all three take their turns using the chair.....they share everything!
I am loving watching Miss Leah through this season. I love her makes me smile. She talks to her sisters now....not that they really listen because no one knows what in the world she is saying, but GOSH it is cute! I love hearing her yell at my mother, "nanny! nanny!" Just to say, "I love you." Adorable!
I added this picture because it reminds me that she is watching EVERYTHING her sisters do.....even if they never see that! They hang on this bar upside down....don't you see??!?!! HA! That is what she is doing! Just like big sisters!
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This is the Life!!

I never thought I would love home schooling as much as I do. It is beyond exciting watching your child learn new concepts-especially starting to read, adding, and subtracting. It's overwhelming!!

I am amazed that my sweet Mayah continues to ask me if she can join school.....I never say "no". Each time she joins us I need to find something that keeps her interest while working on an appropriate preschool skill. Some days she makes play dough letters, traces, sings the letter sound song, spells her name, works with shapes and colors, etc. I had no plans for school time with her until September, but I am happy to get a head start.

In the pictures I took on Wednesday I had them both working with wipe off boards. Chiara was doing the adding and subtracting ones along with some alphabet printing practice. Mayah was working on tracing shapes and her alphabet.

So, what does Miss Leah do during school??? A variety of things....most of the time I feel like she is at my legs, but Wednesday she brought over the PreSchool Prep DVD.
She watched Meet the Site Words while the big girls worked. I loved it!
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Moving School to the Floor!

Well, Spring is certainly in the air in Arizona, but so is sisterly love! Not sure if the wond blew in an extra heaping of it, but I was surely blessed watching the interactions between sisters today.

While I was teaching Chiara this morning the younger two went outside to play. I got up to see what they were doing and here is what I caught:

Mayah figured out that if she lifts her legs she can redistribute her weight and go up and down with Leah-poor Mayah was stuck in the 'up' position last week. They were laughing and generally enjoying being together. I just loved it.

And like that was not enough.....Chiara and I were sitting on the floor (I had just changed Miss Leah's diaper) so I could hear her go through her word list for her new book. After Leah was changed she up and left....about 10 seconds later, out of the blue, she comes back and hugs Chiara. I think both Chiara and I teared up!! Leah got up and left and not ten seconds later returned for more love from Chiara....I ran and got the camera this time!
After all that Chiara and I moved on. She started reading....well, Miss Leah wanted to be just like Big Sister Chiara so she grabbed a book and sat down with us. I still had the camera with me so of course I captured this! I think I am officially moving school to the floor!!!
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The Joy of 3

Leah cracks us up. She gets humor and is just enjoyable to be around....well, minus this season of teething eye teeth. Yuck!

I watch her around her two big sisters and laugh at the things she is doing at such a young age....things her oldest sister would never have thought to do! She enjoys the see-saw-it freaks me out watching her on there, but she loves it. It was her sisters that helped her get on and showed her what to do. She thinks she is SO big!

Today we had Madeline over and my big girls knew that I would treat them all to Organic Gummy Bears. And so I did. Well, Miss Leah was not going to be left out of that! Organic gummies are not as soft as regular ones and I was nervous to give them to her. She made me laugh at how adamant she was about having them. I cut them in half, gave her half a bag (mini size ones) and she was esctatic! JOY!!! As soon as she finished she came over yelling....she knew there were more! I gave in! She felt so good being treated as one of the big girls. Oh my!!!

I am amazed at how much faster things happen with her than they did with her sisters. It is not that we let her do things "early", but that she is aware of so much more out there. Trouble.