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One, Two, Three, FOUR????

Leah has had this front bottom tooth coming in for a couple weeks now. All my girls seem to take a while to get teeth in. Not complaining, just dislike the painful teething process. I was putting some Orajel on the tooth area a couple days ago (only thing that seems to help when the pain is real bad) and rubbed my finger toward the back of her that a molar????!!!! What?! No wonder she has been a bit cranky. I started feeling all around and discovered ALL FOUR of her first molars have broken through the gum! We had no idea.

Yesterday Miss Leah said "no-no" when offered a raw carrot. What?! Her vocabulary is growing more and more each week. Where is my little baby????

And then last night...oh-me-oh-my! This girl just cracks me up! She was running around upstairs having a personal pantie party!!! I am all for early potty training, but I think I will have to wait until she knows where to put them on! Hilarious!!!! The Lord gives us these precious little girls knowing I could use a GREAT BIG LAUGH at the end of a busy day. Even as I am typing this she is putting on these silly glasses which make her eyes look weird! I just love it.

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