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Seven Years, Four Kids, An Amazing Husband, One Week

Well, it is almost here.  My trip.  Alone. No kids. My own agenda.  Seeing my friends and my family. The beach. Boston (best city ever!).  My brother!! 

People are shocked that David is taking off the week I am gone to stay home and "watch" the if he is a hired sitter! HA! It does not surprise me at all.  He is very involved with everything about the girls.  He is a master at bath time and bedtime.  He is way more fun than I am. 

Sure, there are some things I am doing to help while I am away....duh, I want him to succeed!  I made a meal list for the 7 days (yes, it does include Chick-Fil-A!), a daily schedule example (we do have a baby who naps two times a day), and some other notes of things I take for granted that I know.  I am happy to put all this together.  It will help him and give me peace of mind.  David also knows, that he can do things "his way" when I am not here.....well, as long as I don't know!

As long as no one has a chipped tooth when I get home I think all will be well. 

Here's to Jennifer time!  Wooooo Hooooo!!!!!

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