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They're Just Socks

Today I let the girls open the Valentines package Nanny and Grampy sent (my parents). There were cute cards, a tin with a chocolate chip cookie (I even let then eat it), a Hershey kiss with kisses in it, some loose tootsie rolls, and heart socks. ALL THREE insisted on putting them on right away! They are just socks, but when sent from Nanny and Grampy it is like they are "magic" socks! LOL!!!! The girls had them on and they were twirling around and giggling all the while. Even Miss Leah who is the crank of all cranks wanted hers on and seemed happy to have them she sat on my lap with snot running down her nose-part of the reason I could not get a good picture of her.
Good job Nanny and Grampy.....

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  1. Glad they liked them...Love the pictures! BTW...Is Chiara wearing one of mom's dresses?


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