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Movie Night With Mommy

Last night David was getting some guy-time in so the girls and I had a movie night. We watched Veggietales Lord of the Beans....good one! They love the sporks in it and the song at the end. A little play on Lord of the Rings and the message is about using the gifts God gives you.
Well, it would not be a movie night without popcorn in our new movie popcorn holders-the girls love these!

As you can see Miss Leah kept wanting all of big sister Chiara's! (Side note-Leah has no shirt on b/c they had pizza for dinner....oh-m-oh-my)

Mayah and I snuggled on the couch together.

We finally had to get Leah her own container because poor Chiara was running out of popcorn fast!

Her faces are just hilarious to capture!

Leah was playing with Chiara's "baby" and then gave it to her-for a brief moment anyway. I just love her walking around saying "baby"!!!

It was a good time and the big girls even got to see Daddy before heading off to dream land.....

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