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Proud Mama Moment

A few weeks ago Chiara was asked to participate in Pastor's School at our church. I was told she would be singing a song and answering a few questions for the visiting pastors. Chiara is so outgoing that I knew she would go for it. She was so excited, but like with anything else she was nervous when it actually got here today. We practiced talking clearly and slowly. She is so much like her mother in wanting to present her best....I better watch out for that.
Anyway, I brought all three girls up to Phoenix First today and watched Chiara sing the beginning praise song. It's not so much that she knew all the words and motions (which makes for one proud Mama), but even more than that is that she BELIEVES what she is singing. She knows that God made her from her head to her toes. He made her fingers and nose. She knows that. She does not have to question it, doubt it, or debate it. Now, that makes for a proud Mama.
It is not that I did not know the Lord as a kid-though I would have never used those words!-but I do not remember believing like I see Chiara believe. It moves me.
On top of all that, they said she answered all the questions wonderfully. And I can guess that she did it all with a smile on her face because that is my Chiara. She loves the Lord and it just shines right through her. It reminds me of this girl I went to high school with, Jill. She knew the Lord and loved Him that it shone through her. I had an opportunity to tell her this a while back and I am so glad I did. People are always saying things like, "just wait until they are teenagers." TRUST ME when I say I know ALL about what things a teenage girl can do, but I can tell you for certain that not ALL teenage girls believe the lie. Jill did not. Melinda did not. Sherry did not. So, you can say "just wait..." all you falls on deaf ears, on a body with knees down and head up.

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  1. What a beautiful post Jen. I am blessed to hear that Chiara is so in Love with Jesus. I love to see my girls Joy for Christ. I too was touched by Jill's love for the Lord back in HS. She was an awesome girl! I pray she is doing well and that her life continues to Shine for Him.


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