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A Few House Keeping Items.....

I do not know what got into me today, but I started wiping down the inside of the door of our dishwasher and the next thing I know I am pulling 8 year old gunk was NASTY! I ran the sanitize wash and then scrubbed more and ran the rinse cycle. It was lovely. Part of me hopes that it will clean things better, but I know better than that. It's just something about really cleaning something that makes me feel the house is cleaner!
I must have been on a roll today because I started "cleaning out" the folders in my email. Ahhhh, a good cleanse. There is something lovely about hitting delete on things you are not sure why you ever saved it in the first place. Clean.
I also sprayed the girls tub today around 1pm and I did not wash it until about 6pm...soap scum and dirt ring just disappears! I use that scrubbing bubbles and leave it on as long as I work, no fuss! Love it!!!
Ok, clean house....tired Mama!

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  1. I love deep cleaning, but sometimes it's hard to find the motivation amidst keeping up with all the normal day to day cleaning. I just finished scrubbing down my cabinets, walls and baseboards and boy does it feel good to have a clean home. I am a little sore though ;)


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