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Valentine Beauties and Taco Pizza Dinner

My sweet girls all covered in pink, red, and hearts today. Cute, cute, cute! The two big girls and I headed to church this morning-leaving a sick Daddy and still a bit sick Leah at home. The girls got lots of compliments on how cute they looked....makes a Mama feel good! It can be a hard holiday for a family that does not eat candy or anything with food coloring, but we enjoyed some more LARGE chocolate covered strawberries today and each big girl received a new Barbie DVD and heart socks (see previous post to learn about how socks are magical!).

We stopped at Sam's Club on the way home from church and they were 'manager special' selling ground beef today-needed to be sold. It was only $1.58/lb so I bought around 7 pounds. I knew I would freeze it, except for our dinner tonight. But, what to make???? I looked on Food Network for sometime. I did not want to invest in a bunch of ingredients, but I did not want to have meatloaf either. I came across Rachel ray's Deep Dish Mexican Pizza and then read another mexican pizza recipe (not sure which chef) the wheels turning. I made some modifications ( in our house we call it a la Jennifer) and called it Taco Pizza!

The girls gobbled it up!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!! Basically, took my super easy taco mix, added a few other ingredients, made sure it was thick, whipped up some home made pizza dough and made sure to call it something familiar....that really is the key right there!

I had to include these pictures of Miss Leah eating. NO, she is not sleeping, but she thinks it is hilarious to close her eyes when I take her picture. She cracks up at me.

Ha ha, very funny Leah....

All in all a great day.

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  1. Too cute! Leah seems to have a great personality! Lilah is at the age where she looks the other way when I take her photo. It drives me CRAZY. Mairead had that syndrome last year....thankfully she's over it and likes the camera now!


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