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Where is the repeat button???

I am not usually one to 'crave' the weekends. Not much is different on the weekends for me....sometimes I sleep in on Saturdays until the kids get up, but that is not usually past 7 AM and Sunday I get up around 5:30 AM for church which is when I get up during the week. I try not to do a lot of 'chores' on Sundays because I do value a day of rest. Well, Sunday was so great (minus a little cut finger) I wish I had a repeat button!
We started off the day with David and I being ready well before the girls were up! I even had coffee poured and hair curled! We were not even rushing and somehow managed to get out of the house 20 minutes earlier than normal. What?! I did style both big girls hair and everyone had a yummy did we do it???
Church was AWESOME! Yes, I realize I could probably say every Sunday, but the message was hard core and put me in check. Yes, awesome is when God moves me not just a fluffy, happy, feel good message. The girls all enjoyed their classes too. Great.
We headed off to home, with a quick stop at Sam's Club. Cheese stick snacks for everyone and I got to run in the store by myself.
Lunch was a bit hectic, but that is mostly due to the fact that I was trying to do too much. I cut my finger while slicing some onions. If you ask my sweet husband he will tell you I am prone to this.....I cannot deny it. After lunch Leah went down for a nap and the four of us put on Food Network and watched Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Chiara laid with David, and Mayah with me. Cuddle time!!! We all salivated over the dishes and relaxed. I could hear laundry and a kitchen calling my name, but chose to family is so much more important than a clean house.
David napped a bit and I colored with Mayah. I like that she chooses which picture I should color. I did wash a few dishes, prep dinner, and fold some laundry with the help of two good dryer emptiers! Leah woke up and we all headed out to Lowes to buy seeds and plants for our first garden. I love that the girls are as excited as we are about it!! We bought so many plants, top soil, and other things. David even remembered to buy a new pull down shade for the big girls room.....we are going to have to have that up for summer time!
David gave me the night off and ordered pizza for dinner. So, dinner is prepped for Monday night now! Awesome. Family dinner time is something we all look forward to. When David travels the girls always express how much they miss family dinner time. We laughed watching Leah try and eat her huge piece of pizza (NY style). Lots of laughs!
Saucy Leah and Mayah took a bath while Chiara and I completed a Strawberry Shortcake puzzle. Getting special time with each of my girls is such a blessing. Mayah and David played some Wii games while Leah watched and then when it was Chiara's turn to play Mayah helped me put away laundry. We read a Care Bear book in bed and then rose and thorn, thank you God prayers, and bed. Ahhhhh....
David and I completed the evening by playing some Wii tennis and putting together kid puzzles to see if we had all the pieces.
What a great day......FULL OF FAMILY TIME!!!!! My kind of Sunday!


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