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Haircuts today!!!

The long anticipated trip to the hair salon finally arrived today! The girls were so excited. All three in there matching lobster shirts from Great Grampy Morin we piled into the car....but not before taking "before" shots of the hair. The girls thought this was so fun.....just like a real makeover!
This was Mayah's first haircut ever....I have not wanted to touch those cute curls, but she has needed a trim for a while and asked to go see Mandy. Mandy cuts all the D'Amato's hairs.....well, except for Leah. She was gesturing to Mandy today and we told her that she needs to grow some hair first!

I am proud to say they were well behaved and Leah only got LOUD when Mommy sat down to get a much needed trim on her eye brows.

I am always told how beautiful my girls are-which is true, they are gorgeous- but I think it makes a difference when they are behaving themselves like sweet little girls should.

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