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Back to School Time

The public schools open Monday, August 9th and the charter school opens August is definitely back to school season here in Casa Grande! The stores are packed, the mall is busier than ever, and the weather is cooling down....ok, well, 2 out of 3 are true!

Each of my friends have bought new clothes/uniforms, school supplies, lunch goodies, etc. All the things you do to get ready for another year.

I started thinking about our back to school prep. We have plenty of supplies (seriously, I think pencils are mating in my house!), no need for "new" clothes or any special shopping-though I do take the girls each year to pick a new notebook and we always need more glue sticks! Our back to school prep consists more of some serious deep cleaning of the house. I am very aware that as a home schooler I am not going to have that immaculate and ordered house I have always dreamed of (give it about 20 years!). So, in order to keep my sanity during the school year I find myself scrubbing the floors of the bathrooms, reorganizing, purging, etc.

I do love home schooling, but I also like a clean house. This is the best way I have found to balance the two. So, instead of being out there waiting in lines and spending money I am seeing clean floors, showers, tubs, etc. I can handle that!


  1. I am doing the same here Jen, nothing like a little early fall cleaning to gear up for a very busy school year @ home ;) We are so blessed.


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