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Taco Pizza Part II, Bed Time Experiment, and Birthday Fun! What a weekend!!!

Well, it has been a fairly full weekend! Friday night we had my parents and my 2 nephews over for dinner. Tacos! My girls requested the taco pizza again and I was GEEKED when my Dad ate 3 servings!!! He really liked gushed too, but like me only ate one piece....we are not going to lose any weight eating 3!!! This time I made personal pizzas for the girls. They liked that, however they were just so excited that Cameron and Colby were here they did not scarf down like normal.

Friday night we had to mean what we said and put Mayah in the "baby" room. Suck. We have been dealing with night time issues since she was 21 months old and jumped out of her crib. She seems to be able to live on little sleep. Anyway, my brilliant idea was telling her that if she kept getting out of her bed that we were going to move her into the baby room (Leah's room-Mayah's old room that she seems to have no memory of sleeping in) and Leah into the big girl room with Chiara. Chiara thought this would be fun until she learned that the turtle night light would be going with Mayah. We have learned, especially with parenting Mayah, if we say it we better mean it. Well, she did well one out of 4 nights last week. So, Friday she went in to the baby room. She was not too thrilled. She did however go right to bed and stayed there all night. On the other side of the wall though all I could hear was Leah saying "hi, hi, hi" to Chiara. Eventually, so all would sleep well, I pulled Chiara out of her room and into ours on the floor with the other toddler mattress and her sleeping bag. Everyone slept....UNTIL 8AM!! That is unheard of in my house!!!! WOW! Bonus, Mayah seemed to learn her lesson (in fact we let her go back in the big girl room tonight and she was telling us she was going to stay in her bed).
David and I had plans to drop all 3 girls off with my mom in the morning so we could go shooting (David's birthday), but I had a monster headache and I knew I would be no fun at the shooting range or anywhere else for that matter. So, he took the big girls for their sleepover at my parents (with their cousins), went shooting and sweetly went to Lifetime Fitness to book Chiara's birthday party. Leah and I cleaned, did laundry, and things like that.
The babysitter came around 5pm and David and I were out about 35 minutes later. This was the first time Leah was put down by a sitter-other than my mom. Leah is so easy and we are blessed with some great babysitters. David and I went to see Avatar for his birthday date. Great movie!
Sunday.....I think we could have slept in LATE, but off to church the 3 of us went. We picked up the girls at my parents and then all of us-including the Great Grandparents-went to the Aquarium to eat lunch. Nothing like chowing down on some yummy food while watching sharks swim around. Unique and fun. My mom's idea!!! We all headed back to my parents for cake, ice cream, and presents. David and Colby both celebrated birthdays this weekend. I hope we made it special for both of them.
I was happy to be home and even happier for bedtime to arrive for my 3 princesses. We have a busy week ahead of us.....

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  1. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. I love the idea of having lunch at the aquarium. Oh how I wish You, Me and Steph all lived closer. We would have great fun with all our girls ;)


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