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Valentines Celebration/Craft Time

Every Thursday we have Madeline over and over the past few months I would say I feel like she is just one of mine. I adore her.

She is loud, but you really don't notice it in this house. She gets humor....and the looks she makes just have me in stitches. My girls knew we were going to be making valentines crafts and having our Valentines "treat" during school and it was THEM who insisted Madeline be here for it!!!! Awesome.

Chiara wanted the treat we had last year, which was cut strawberry's in the shape of a heart with whip cream all around it. I wanted to try something different.....needless to say it went over VERY well!!!
There was even enough for me to share with my Sweetie and a glass of wine! YUM!!! There are blessings in the fact that we cannot buy 'normal' valentines treats because they all contain red dye....these ones taste so much better anyway!!!


  1. They sure do like they were enjoying them, especially Leah! :)


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