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Cough! Cough! Now...blow......

Raising three young girls can have it's challenges, but for the most part I enjoy being Mommy and find joy in the craziness. However, raising three sick young girls can make any sane person go nuts! I was doing fine when Chiara was sick, then Mayah came down with the same cold and that was ok except for her getting up from 9:30pm to 11pm for a few nights in a row. Two days ago Miss Leah caught whatever it is the older two have (inevitable in a house where we are kissy and huggy all the time)....breaking point of sanity.
We are blessed with very healthy kids. Chiara did not get sick until she was 15 months old....oh yeah, and she was not breast fed so people can throw away all theories about that! Sorry.....rant-obviously, I was greatly affected by people's words after having Chiara and not being able to breastfeed her. Mayah, who was solely breastfed, was a stuffy nose kid from out of the womb. Strange. Leah, has been very healthy. This is her first real 'cold'. Yuck. Strangely enough it started on the day she turned 15 months old. On a side note-I told David last night about this little fact Chiara and Leah had in common and he asked if I looked it, just remembered it. As a "perfect" mom I am supposed to know all facts! HA! Anyway, she is miserable. Cranky. Tired. Snot. Clingy. Now, I love to hold my babies....even Chiara curled up on my lap is just wonderful, but this is different. Leah is not happy-even being held. She just feels like c.r.a.p.
I am not the kind of person who goes to the doctor for every sniffle or minor symptom. I know a lot of people do, which is not wrong, it's just not me. I think it is one of things about me that may drive David's not that I do not like doctors, but I see no need to go unless there is blood, brains, or bones showing. I love that I have a pediatrician who gets me.....he is a blessing, but he knows I am not going to spend time and money when I do not have to.
So, I will try chicken soup, honey, extra sleep/rest, over the counter medicine, home remedies first. And of course I pray over my children, but a cold is a cold. In this case I have tried all and just know it is time to make sure-at least Chiara-is not fighting off some type of infection. She has it the worst. Mayah woke this morning and seems even better-praise God! Not sure about the other two as they are they should be, considering I am typing this at 6:30AM. Mayah has never needed much sleep. I wonder if as a teenager she will be the same way?
So, off to see the doctor this morning. A 40 minute drive, but we will make a trip of it and stop at Sprouts and Dunkin Donuts. I was going to have Chiara get her school work done in the car, but I think I will pass and just get it done later today. Maybe a Boz video or VeggieTales in the car is in order today.

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  1. Sorry the kiddos are sick! It's so not fun...and you feel so bad for them!

    You sound like me! I don't bring my kids to the doctor unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary! Knock on wood, but my girls have yet to be on any medication including antibiotics! Lilah has only been to the doc for a sick visit once when she was 10 days old and caught RSV from her sister. She was very, very sick. Scary sick. We've been so lucky I can't even begin to tell you. Being a nurse helps, it takes a lot to get my panties in a wad :)

    I hope your girls get well really fast! Hang in there :)


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