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Who is this kid in my house?

Even though I have already had 2 children I am still taken aback as to how old Leah is. This Sunday she is 15 months old.....approaching 1.5 years old...yikes! I just sit and watch her sometimes. Today she clearly communicated the word drink and is getting better at distinguishing between yes and no. On top of that she and Mayah went outside to play together and when Mayah came in (she did not want to watch Leah for me while I taught Chiara-she is not as motherly as Chiara) Leah stayed outside playing in the sandbox, wandering around the yard, and sitting on her 'car'. She was as happy as she could be. Of course I kept checking on her while making lunch and finishing up math with Chiara, but she was fine. I am very thankful she does not seem to have an appetite for sand like Mayah did and she knows how to go down stairs on her belly already.....amazing!
This is the age of the face changing. She starts stretching up instead of out and fat starts to fade away. From one to two years old is so hard for me because I know she will not look the same. I just want to soak in every single moment.
She is also entering the stage of vocalizing her dislike of my parenting decisions! HA! I took playdough away from her yesterday and by her reaction you would have thought I insulted her and spanked her....seriously....LOTS of tears and yelling/crying combo. I could not help but laugh (in my head). I knew this was coming, but you really do forget how silly it all is. My girlfriend could hear her doing this when I was on the phone and it is just so out of character for Miss Leah that she was even taken aback by it. It's not Leah to be upset, but it is the age. Maybe after we finish reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a family we should read Managing Your Emotions by Joyce Meyer!!! HAHAHA!!!!! I know all three of my girls could benefit from that.....and their mother too.
Well, here she is...just about 15 months old and changing all the time.....slow down Miss Leah...slow down....


  1. I change from 1-2 is mind altering! I look back at photos of little Lilah from last year at this time, and she was just a baby! Her voice and opinion gets louder by the day! The first 18 months is like one big growth spurt, all of a sudden, you don't recognize your child anymore!

  2. I can attest to the yelling/crying combo...:) Love that girl. You really should be printing these posts, Jennifer. Put them in a book...a family diary.


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